News Corp Australia launches Moneysaver HQ with David Koch’s Pinstripe Media

Money Saver HQ News Corp Australia is launching a new finance vertical called Moneysaver HQ today in partnership with David Koch’s production company Pinstripe Media.

It will replace the Your Money insert in its metro newspapers The Daily Telegraph, Herald-Sun, The Courier-Mail and The Advertiser, as well as step up the brand’s presence in the online space, with free access given to people who are not subscribers to the News Plus paywall and featuring videos, webinars, finance boot camps and weekly deals from advertisers.

Koch will be the face of the brand, and contribute money-saving tips alongside News Corp Australia’s cost of living editor John Rolfe, and will also promote the show on Sunrise, the Channel Seven breakfast program he co-hosts, and promote its launch through his social media channels.

As well as news, Moneysaver HQ, which is aimed at a general audience of middle-income Australian households, will provide product comparison tools to help them make informed choices about financial services.

John Rolfe and David Koch Moneysaver HQ

Rolfe and Koch


Koch said: “What I love about it is that it’s all about getting a better financial deal for average Australians, providing a catalyst for Aussies to join together and flex their combined financial muscle and get the same attractive deals usually reserved for the wealthy and the few.”

The new site will also feature weekly deals from advertising partners with the first campaign to run in partnership with financial product comparison site Mozo for two weeks until February 24.



Alisa Bowen, group director of digital product and development at News Corp Australia, said: “The digital destination is about giving consumers new information but also giving them the skills and knowledge to take greater control of their own financial services.

“We have always provided news and information but what we are doing now is aiding their ability to use that to apply for a mortgage or credit card and get a better deal. It’s providing news that you can use, information that’s interesting and inspiring.

“It will allow us to deliver benefits for our customers – advertisers and consumers – in new and exciting ways.”

Moneysaver HQ launches today with a print, digital and social media campaign.

Megan Reynolds


  1. Steve
    10 Feb 14
    10:42 am

  2. “cost of living editor John Rolfe”

    Cost of Living Editor? Now I have heard it all

  3. Bruce
    10 Feb 14
    11:44 am

  4. How can they afford a cost of living editor these days? Have you seen the price of petrol and cigarettes?

  5. Shamma
    10 Feb 14
    11:59 am

  6. this is pretty good for News – Koch I think is excellent in this sort of domain.

  7. Rushdie
    10 Feb 14
    1:40 pm

  8. He”ll be good as long as he doesn’t do a Ross Greenwood and become the voice of Rupert. Ross’s behavior before the election made him lose all credibility in my eyes. That’s what bias does, Koshie.

  9. Cost of Living Sub-Editor
    11 Feb 14
    12:38 am

  10. Bugger … gazumped again!

  11. ormond orlovsky
    11 Feb 14
    10:37 am

  12. I remember buying my first Investment magazine in which Kochi was an editor – though it is defunct now.

    He has came along way in the media world; breakfast morning show host and lately a talking head on many cultural events – he has an opinion on everything — these are remarkable diverse talents.

    It will not be surprising to see him launch a political career in the near future –maybe by running run for PM — and why not when you see the likes of the current PM , with no media transparency, run the country in recession whilst still on L – Plates.

    Go Kochi !

  13. eshetu woldeyohannes
    18 Feb 14
    9:25 pm

  14. Koch is good figure ,it is good to see how it works.