Olympic efforts among the contenders for Mumbrella’s ad of the month

Three big Olympic ads are among the contenders for the latest round of Mumbrella’s TV Ad of the Month.

Telstra’s homage to Down Under, Coles’ homage to Cathy Freeman and Qantas’ homage to athletes’ late night training routines are among the contenders. Also in contention are Host’s branded Kiwi Sceptics ad with Lara Bingle, BMF’s work for Athlete’s Foot, Leo Burnett’s  Bulleit Bourbon ad and Cummins Ross’ retro Chrysler ad.

The shortlist for July’s ads is based on self nominations, Mumbrella’s own selections and reader submissions. The winners are decided by Mumbrella readers who vote by taking part in the survey at the bottom of this item. The deadline for voting is next Thursday August 16.

Campaigns are eligible whichever screen format they first ran on including TV, cinema and the web.

The shortlist for July’s Ad of the Month:

1. Air New Zealand – Kiwi Sceptics – Host

2. Athlete’s Foot – Find Your Fit – BMF

3. Telstra – Down Under – DDB

4. Qantas – You’re the reason we fly – Publicis Mojo

5. Bulleit Bourbon – Leo Burnett Sydney

6. Coles – Big Red

7. Chrysler – Timeless – CumminsRoss

Shortlist for July\'s Ad of the Month:

Dubsat logo Mumbrella


  1. My 10c worth
    10 Aug 12
    1:11 pm

  2. Really like a couple, but like Telstra that little bit more. Vote 1 DDB.

  3. GW
    13 Aug 12
    8:52 am

  4. Great stuff

  5. Mike
    15 Aug 12
    1:47 pm

  6. I have to say, every time I hear the Qantas ad come on I feel like I am watching an episode of ER or some other medical show. Don’t like.

  7. Thought
    15 Aug 12
    2:18 pm

  8. I have to agree Mike. Telstra’s Down Under is a not so fabulous rip of the Qantas Still Call Australia home

  9. Sue
    15 Aug 12
    9:49 pm

  10. Wife carrying races? Haha You can’t beat that. Great concept too.

  11. Emily
    16 Aug 12
    11:50 am

  12. Wife carrying!