My Kitchen Rules debuts with 1.4m viewers – beats MasterChef by half a million

The first head-to-head battle between Seven’s My Kitchen Rules and Ten’s Masterchef: The Professionals saw a convincing win for MKR last night.

The debut episode of MKR won its time slot and was third overall for the night across the five city metro markets, according to preliminary ratings from OzTAM.

The show ran from 7.30-9pm and averaged 1.384m viewers.

It was the first match-up between the high rating cooking show of last year and MasterChef: Professionals, which aired from 7.30-8.30pm. The Masterchef spinoff rated 892,000 for Ten – well down on its 1m+ audiences of last week.

The debut forMKR was down on 2012’s, which rated 1.48m, but up on 2011 which rated 1.2m.

Nine’s coverage of the Twenty/20 Australia vs Sri Lanka match rated 1.373m.

The overall winner on the night was Nine News, rating 1.57m ahead of rival Seven News on 1.534m.

On Sunday night, 2.18m viewers tuned in to the Men’s Final Presentation of the 2013 Australian Open, making it the top program, followed by the actual match which rated 2.078m viewers.

The official ratings season for 2013 is yet to begin.


  1. Kayla
    29 Jan 13
    12:37 pm

  2. To be honest, I disliked the Indian couple and the guy from QLD so much that I don’t think I’m going to watch this show again.

    I know they pick people to make things ‘interesting’…. But those three were seriously just so incredibly annoying and irritating it made it almost unwatchable.

  3. GreatStrategy
    29 Jan 13
    12:55 pm

  4. It would have been hard for anyone who watched Channel 7 this past month especially the tennis to not end up watching My Kitchen Rules. We practically saw three episodes worth of clips promoting the show.

  5. martin
    29 Jan 13
    1:41 pm

  6. The “Masterchef” franchise has run it’s course.

    The Board of 10 should resign and let some professionals take over.

  7. NJK
    29 Jan 13
    1:51 pm

  8. Used to love MKR but last night’s show was awful. The “characters” seem particularly forced this year and some of the lines they were sprouting really seemed like they were straight from cue-cards. And there’s not a hint of difference to the way the episode unfolds – people go shopping, run late, start stressing, guests arrive, lame banter…it just seemed to go on and on and on.

  9. Don Draper
    29 Jan 13
    1:52 pm

  10. It would be interesting to see how MKR would go with the same sized audience lead in that Masterchef did. Does anyone know the respective numbers of the lead in shows?

  11. OscarJones
    29 Jan 13
    4:31 pm

  12. But Kayla : that’s the whole point !
    We all have our saints and sinners on these shows and that’s what makes them fun to watch.

  13. sean
    30 Jan 13
    1:27 am

  14. Why are you watching this crap id rather watch a professional chef then some producers made up version on someone who thinks they can cook.

  15. Deni7
    30 Jan 13
    10:44 am

  16. I think this show and others like it show just how Ugly many ‘ aussies ‘ are . Sad…..

  17. Media Scene
    30 Jan 13
    10:57 am

  18. And for those of us that hate cooking shows…. we are reminded of the joys of reading a book

    Do the executives at the networks think that EVERYONE in Australia wants to watch this contrived rubbish? Not to mention the endless promos we’re forced to endure…called “sneak peaks” now. As though we’re supposed to be excited about more ads

    How does a media buyer reach middle Australia now?