Naughty or nice

Geography and international politics can be so confusing.

Dr Mumbo is thankful that the good people of MX are here to demystify the whole business, especially where North and South Korea are involved.

How Australian Newspaper distinguishes between North Korea and South Korea - Imgur


  1. Yuliana Lays
    3 Aug 12
    1:50 pm

  2. Not sure whether to laugh at the joke or feel offended by it?? Joke gone too far?

  3. cath
    3 Aug 12
    2:27 pm

  4. Hilarious!

  5. Jay
    6 Aug 12
    3:45 pm

  6. @Yuliana Lays

    Quite right we must never risk taking the wrong political line on a joke.

    I recommend emailing a government official and asking “should I laugh at this joke or feel offended.”

    If you can’t get a response from the Australian Government, try the North Koreans because they are far more experienced at handling these types of questions..

  7. james
    7 Aug 12
    2:19 pm

  8. Great work really. its a dig, but a very good dig at that.