News Limited names its winners

News Limited has named the winner of its staff awards in a ceremony attended by Rupert Murdoch.

The winners:

Sir Keith Murdoch Award for Excellence in Journalism

  • Ruth Lamperd and Stephen Drill, Herald Sun: The CFA’s Fiskville scandal

News Limited CEO Award

  • The Daily Telegraph: People Power

Brand of the Year

  • NT News

Scoop of the Year

  • Ruth Lamperd, Herald Sun: Cancer Town

Sports Journalism

  • Michael Warner, Herald Sun: Job for Dad

Visual Journalism

  • Peter Ristevski, Geelong Advertiser: I Won’t Let You Die

Excellence in Feature/Specialist and Opinion Journalism

  • Peter Van Onselen, The Australian

Excellence in Execution – Editorial

  • The Australian: Your School website

Advertising Salesperson of the Year

  • Claire O’Donel, News Australia Sales

Excellence in Execution – Advertising Creative Services

  • Sarah Abbasi, News Australia Sales NSW: Vivid Sydney

Excellence in Customer Service – Advertising

  • Vanessa Hanlan, News Australia Sales

Best Cross-Platform Advertising Solution

  • Nicole Hargreaves, NewsLifeMedia

Rising Star of the Year

  • Chris Paine,

Innovation of the Year

  • The Australian, Launch of Digital Subscriptions

Marketing Excellence

  • Townsville Bulletin: Flat Wrap

Excellence in Customer Service – Non Advertising

  • NewsLocal: Rejuvenation


  1. Jason Popkowski
    24 Sep 12
    9:53 am

  2. Congrats to Nic Hargreaves! Such a lovely person and hard worker that thoroughly deserves an accolade like this in her career.