Garden Association rolls out Facebook app

The Nursery & Garden Industry Association has launched a Facebook campaign to spur growth in the $6.5 billion gardening business and improve Australians’ ‘plant/life balance’.

The five-year campaign, developed by Y&R Brands Group’s retail specialist Ideaworks, centres on a Facebook application that encourages those with green fingers to give their plants a name, clothe them, share pictures, facts and nurturing tips.

This first part of the push will see 20,000 pot plants distributed to office workers nationwide, calling for the new plant owners to use the ‘Put A Plant On Your Desk’ app. 

“As increasing numbers of Australians work longer hours, live in apartments and have really low maintenance gardens, the real benefits of green life are lost. The ‘Improve your Plant/Life balance’ programme will help the industry thrive,” predicted NGIA CEO Robert Prince.


  1. Aden Hepburn
    2 Mar 11
    1:21 pm

  2. Hope everyone got a plant this morning! Enjoy.

  3. stu
    2 Mar 11
    1:31 pm

  4. Where is the proof / reason to believe in that video/campaign that plants really do improve your health & happiness @ work?

  5. Lins
    2 Mar 11
    3:17 pm

  6. Good question.

    Had a quick look online and found this article from Richard Whitfield (PhD, Professor, USJ.) in the MDTimes/University of Saint Joseph

  7. T-shirt
    2 Mar 11
    3:25 pm

  8. Stu,
    You mean no idea works?

  9. Lins
    2 Mar 11
    3:47 pm

  10. let me guess – 2 old IdeaWorks employees? Nice. I’m gonna get back to doing some actual work.

  11. OutdoorAvenger
    2 Mar 11
    4:09 pm

  12. What a ridiculous concept particularly as their sole aim is for nurseries is to shift more plants regardless of how many die once they are in your hands.

    If nurseries weren’t about mass consumerism they would be educated on ecosystems, how they develop, how they thrive and which plants suit which climates in the local area they service.

    They should be demonstrating how to feed your plants by companion planting which removes the need for chemical fertilisers and feeders.
    They should be teaching customers how to get rid of bugs naturally instead of promoting and selling the harmful and damaging posions that kill all the good organisms and worms that are necessary to build good soil. Not to mention the harmful effects on ones health.
    They should be encouraging people to grow plants that produce food which can then be shared with friends and colleagues.

    All of this is a true plant/life balance

    But this campaign is totally rubbish and the whole industry needs an overhaul.

  13. MissH
    3 Mar 11
    6:44 am

  14. It would be nice for a change to hear someone say “what a breath of fresh air”. So I’ll just say it myself. The Facebook page felt clean, uncomplicated and was pleasant to my eyes. And you know what? I even thought why not ask for a plant and see how this whole thing rolls out. Sure the video might be a little clinical and talks to ‘going to our facebook page’ when you’re already there, but I’m sure the nurseries association don’t have squillions to spend on versioning, so I can let it slide. And Outdoor Avenger, your “this whole campaign is rubbish” comment is yet another example of why THIS whole industry needs an overhaul. And no, I don’t work for Idea Works!

  15. L
    3 Mar 11
    8:46 am

  16. The concept of plant/life balance suggests to me that this is about getting people who normally think they don’t have the kind of life to support having a plant to realise that they can. I think it is a great campaign because it has a good consumer insight, and I bet it will also improve sales. Isn’t that what this industry is really about?

  17. Anon
    7 Mar 11
    12:20 pm

  18. What a fabulous clean, green idea! Nice work indeed. I’m going to get one on the weekend.