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  1. Anonymous
    26 Jun 13
    7:48 pm

  2. Very disappointed in your coverage of origin game 2. 3 channels and we still didn’t get to see the pre-game show. Disgraceful. Hope someone else gets the footy rights.

  3. James
    19 Jul 13
    4:50 pm

  4. The wife wants to know why did you take days of our lives off

  5. George
    10 Aug 13
    11:50 pm

  6. To have advertisements at the bottom of the screen while a movie is on is a disgrace , I make a point to never watch what your plugging

  7. Elaine
    17 Aug 13
    9:16 am

  8. Love Leilas top she looks fantastic this morning .
    Can you tell me what designer she’s wearing ?

  9. Margaret
    27 Aug 13
    8:57 pm

  10. Why are programmes not shown at the advertised time? Thought I would watch The Great Australian Bskeoff at 8.30pm. It is now 8.54 and still waiting. Not everyone is interested in Essendon Football Club dramas! And it has been on the news all day anyway.

  11. Anonymous
    5 Sep 13
    7:30 pm

  12. Fix your bloody digital signal same time every nite

  13. Anonymous
    20 Sep 13
    8:51 pm

  14. You should not put adds on in football games anything could happen when the add is on

  15. Leanne
    24 Sep 13
    10:15 pm

  16. What is going on with channel 9!!!?? Big brother late night is supposed to be on at 9.30pm but there is a second rate movie on instead. Sick and tired of the unreliability lately.

  17. Hayden
    3 Oct 13
    11:52 pm

  18. Hi, live in Melbourne and I watch the NRL footy show every week, why tonight the night that is the grandfinal of it, do you’s not put it on???
    it is better then the AFL footy show and you always show that but you put on some other stupid movie instead of the NRL footy show. been excited about it all week and you’s don’t put it on. very disappointed. I stay up late every Thursday night to watch it but you’s have let me down yet again. very shocking

  19. marg beech
    5 Oct 13
    11:19 am

  20. As a loyal viewer of nine, I am quite disappointed that your program director (amateur) choose to not televise the Fleet Review sail past our GG & Officials. Bad form!!

  21. Paul Yarnton
    6 Oct 13
    10:37 pm

  22. What a disgrace Channel 9!! Just watched one if the best NRL Grand Finals ever and you cut the telecast in Melbourne as soon as the game finished! No presentations of the trophy etc and you even finished the telecast 12 minutes early. Thanks for ruining what was a great game.

  23. Sue
    6 Nov 13
    9:58 pm

  24. Disgusted by your big brother finale. I let my children stay up to watch as it was meant to finish at 9:08, it’s now 9:27 and it’s still going. Won’t be letting them watch the show at all next year now.

  25. Helen Whyte
    21 Nov 13
    4:38 pm

  26. Does 9realize how many viewers watch cricket with sound off..
    Shut up Tubby & friends!!!

  27. Barbara Barnard
    13 Dec 13
    2:01 pm

  28. Who is doing the subtitles for the cricket at the WACA? They seem not to have any clue about cricket and they don’t seem to hear properly what the commentators are saying and understand Australian. Just a few examples between commencement of play and first man out: “rate through” for “breakthrough”; “by a minor” for “by a mile”‘ “bounds” for “bounce”; “a lying a king” for “Lion King”. “wives” for “wides” and they kept coming.. Hope you can do something about. Perhaps getting someone who understands “Strine” and most importantly – cricket and its terms.


  29. Barbara Barnard
    13 Dec 13
    2:46 pm

  30. Thanks. it’s obvious there has been a change of subtitle typists. Much better, faster, and not so distracting
    Thanks very much

  31. Jan Kayes
    28 Dec 13
    10:53 am

  32. Am loving the ashes. However have to have sound off. Commentary team appalling.

  33. Anthony
    28 Dec 13
    5:39 pm

  34. The KFC advertising during the cricket coverage is offensive. ‘Kentucky Fry the Poms’. It’s not funny, it’s not Aussie larrackism – it’s racist. It’s so annoying we’ve muted he sound and put the ABC, we’ve got used to the time delay.

  35. Paige
    1 Jan 14
    12:38 pm

  36. Very disappointed that you as a main station did not have any coverage of the fireworks or New Year’s Eve telecast. Not all people go out on New Year’s Eve as they have a young family and they family likes to watch the telecast at home but you had nothing on what a joke very angry hope you have celecasting for 2014/2015 not like this time

  37. Andrew
    4 Jan 14
    4:30 pm

  38. Thanks Shane Warne and 9 cricket for encouraging the Aussie drunken boof head booze culture by showing Bob Hawke skulling a beer to the cheers of the Richie fan club and then praising Bob for holding the UWA and Cambridge yard of beer drinking record and having a house full of empty stubbies. No wonder we have a drunken violence problem when drinking alcohol to excess is continually laughed about by ex sports stars / commentators with the inference that drinking to excess is normal and a sign of success.

  39. Daniel
    21 Jan 14
    11:07 am

  40. Cricket coverage very disappointing, why do we have to watch the batsman running after a shot, the exciting part is watching the ball head to the boundary and watching the fielder chase it and trying to stop it before it crosses the line, instead we have the boring spectacle of the two batsman running between the wicket, if we have to watch this boring spectacle make it brief then focus on the fielder chasing the ball to the boundary.

  41. Julie
    6 Feb 14
    6:35 pm

  42. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE return to 30min News. We are not interested in the extra rubbish just to fill the hour……just report the news. Why do people think they have to fix things that aren’t broken?

  43. Anon
    6 Feb 14
    7:19 pm

  44. Love the way tv news seems spend all it’s time hyperventilating and regurgitating, on old stories, repeat same stuff and images. NOT !

    Get real !

  45. mike barnes
    10 Feb 14
    10:45 am

  46. when are you televising QF32?.We are not interested in alleged drug dealers

  47. Bob Lawrence
    18 Apr 14
    3:52 pm

  48. Why do you put a banner across the bottom of the screen and leave it there forever. Been watching the Royal Visit and a quarter of my screen is taken up by a banner telling me what I am watching. If I dont know what I am watching I should turn the show off. That is what I did, sick of you treating viewers like idiots.

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