Nine promises 1m+ audience for Big Brother

big brother logoNine is telling the market that it will achieve average weekday ratings of 1m a night for Big Brother when the reality show goes to air after the Olympics.

The show – airing in the 7pm weekday slot vacated by The Block – will pull in a metro audience of 1.15m for the weekly Sunday eviction episodes, Nine has told potential advertisers in a briefing document seen by Mumbrella.

And Nine predicts a final night audience of 1.3m.

Nine's market predictions for Big Brother

Nine's market predictions for Big Brother: Click to enlarge

The numbers are significantly below those for The Block which finished on Sunday with a final night metro audience of 2.7m.

Selling advertising around new shows is notoriously difficult. If a network shoots too low for ratings, and they are exceeded, then it fails to maximise its potential advertising income. But if it over-promises it has to run makegood ads later in the schedule.

The sales pitch to the market is also emphasising the “family friendly” nature of the new version of the show – which previously ran on Ten. There will be no “up late” episode, no nudity and a wider age range of contestants.

Nine is also emphasising a high level of social media involvement – which was one of the factors behind the success of its reality singing contest The Voice. The show is being hosted by Sonja Kruger.

The show is produced by Southern Star.


  1. Adam Paull
    3 Jul 12
    8:14 pm

  2. “There will be no “up late” episode, no nudity* and a wider age range of contestants.”

    * There will be no nudity until week three after the show tanks and Nine hits the panic button…

  3. Insider
    3 Jul 12
    9:29 pm

  4. Is anyone excited about this? Hours upon hours of advertiser ‘integration’. Ho hum is what it will be.
    My prediction is it will crash & burn then get scheduled on Go!

  5. Logic
    3 Jul 12
    11:04 pm

  6. 1m is common for guarantees. I am sure the Voice had a similar number … Masterchef S2 was also guaranteeing similar low numbers.

    If it rates out the wazoo and does 1.7-1.8 consistently they will still maximise revenue around that. TV networks are very good at minimising opportunity costs and moving advertisers around.

  7. J.B.
    4 Jul 12
    2:58 am

  8. No nudity equals no ratings!

  9. Hoin
    4 Jul 12
    5:01 am

  10. Yawn. When it was announced earlier this year that Big Brother was coming back, we were told it would be on Go! to attract a younger demographic. Now they’re putting it on the main channel. I just can’t see it working. The last two seasons on Ten were ratings disasters, on Nine without the nudity it will be this year’s version of The Renovators.

  11. Goodone
    4 Jul 12
    9:52 am

  12. And the future of Aust FTA TV just got a little dimmer. Don’t they get it?

    I don’t want to be a hater, but this is almost comical. The only interesting components of the format have been removed…

    Should we have a punt on how many heads will roll when this inevitably bombs?

  13. Robbo
    4 Jul 12
    10:49 am

  14. Goodone and the rest of you predictably tired cynics will be surprised when Big Brother rates well.
    I’m no Channel Nine fan, but there’s a good buzz about this from people out in the real world.

    Maybe you people should step outside and mix with us once in a while.

  15. georgie
    4 Jul 12
    10:52 am

  16. Nine is overoptimistic abt BB. Sonia Kruger made a mistake signing on for this. The Voice only rated bec the concept was new. it has faded in US already.Next season of the voice will not be as popular(see masterchef)

  17. Nicky Bryson
    4 Jul 12
    10:55 am

  18. Look, I really hate the show. I mean geuine loathing but I LOVE the TVC! Does anyone know who created it?

  19. Jobbo
    4 Jul 12
    11:09 am

  20. Robbo, your comment smacks of astro-turfing. “There’s a good buzz about this from people out in the real world”? Really? Who is talking about it at the moment? There’s been one tiny promo and that’s it. What is there to talk about apart from whether it’ll be as average as the last couple seasons when it was on Ten?

  21. Jobbo
    4 Jul 12
    11:10 am

  22. And Nicky Bryson, don’t even get me started on you…

    Shuffling is as painful as flashmobs. Shuffling flashmobs… there goes the neighbourhood.

  23. Nicky Bryson
    4 Jul 12
    2:10 pm

  24. Okay “Jobbo”, I’m sure I really care about you ‘getting started’ on me when you haven’t even have laid a real name on the table.

  25. Kerry Packer's ghost
    4 Jul 12
    3:41 pm

  26. This will be on GEM within a fortnight. Such a tIred franchise.

  27. Daniel
    4 Jul 12
    4:22 pm

  28. Can’t wait! I think it’s going to do well.

  29. Robbo
    4 Jul 12
    7:21 pm

  30. Jobbo, the average Ds and Es that I mix with are looking forward to the show.

    But you’re correct, I can’t speak for the Chardonnay set….

  31. brazil
    4 Jul 12
    7:43 pm

  32. Robbo are you for real? Who has been talking about it out in the real world? Not adults. Scott Cam is the new Eddy of Channel Nine it seems.What was that show that disappeared on to Gem or Go, the one hosted by Kate Ceberano? Is survivor rating? The Voice is having first year luck.People will get tired of the show by next year

  33. Dave the gay art director
    10 Jul 12
    4:38 pm

  34. I liked the ad – thought it was fun..

    and they need nudity

    I still haven’t forgotten Ryan Fitzgerald in the shower !