Nova launches a hunt for new bands

Nova is the latest commercial radio brand working to boost its credentials in supporting new Australian music.  

The network has launched the I Am With The Band promotion which sees bands invited to upload tracks to Nova’s new website.

Ten bands selected by an industry panel will receive airplay on Nova, with the list being whittled down to five to play live in each state at Nova events before one wins $10,000.

Partners include MySpace Music, Street Press Australia, Access All Areas and Open Air Cinemas Australia. The deal is the first example of a partnership between the Murdochs since Lachlan Murdoch took a 50% stake in DMG late last year. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp owns MySpace.

Meanwhile, Nova is not the only commercial network giving  more airplay to new bands, with Austereo’s digital station Radar Radio launching just over a year ago.


  1. AW
    25 Jan 10
    12:35 pm

  2. Just another thing Nova are doing to rip off Triple J’s ideas.

    Nova’s playlist is 90% of what Triple J play, only the latter have been playing the songs for a few months before Nova gives them a go.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that they are playing more local talent, just seems that their strategic direction is to “copy the J’s”.

  3. mumbrella
    25 Jan 10
    12:50 pm

  4. Hi AW,

    It’s a fair point.

    One of the reasons I was careful to use the phrase “commercial radio” so liberally in the piece above, is that Triple J is so far ahead of the commercial networks when it comes to new music (and I exclude the likes of local outlets such as Sydney’s FBI from that of course) it’s almost not worth comparing them.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  5. Dean Buchanan
    25 Jan 10
    3:40 pm

  6. Happy New year Tim!
    Thanks for your support of “I’m with the band”
    Yes Radar launched a year ago; Nova launched a decade ago with new music at the very heart of its strategy. This is a continuation of that strategy, rather than a new initiative.
    As the guy who has a little bit to do with the strategic direction of Nova, I can tell you that AW’s comments are far from the mark!
    Bottom line is anything that supports new Aussie music has to be a good thing for the wider industry.

    dean buchanan

  7. Lana
    27 Jan 10
    3:54 pm

  8. Dean – I think you need to consider that when Nova talks about “supporting new Australian Music” is more like Music with a hidden Filter.

    It SOUNDS like they are very selective to what music fits within its Nova’s environment, while Radar expresses the flexibility of playing anything worthy of the cause.

  9. Real Yield
    28 Jan 10
    8:28 am

  10. Everyone has done everything before so why even mention it? – trying to one up each other makes you all look like fools because most of it is ill-conceived – everyone is doing it for commercial gain, everyone has their own agenda and some do it better than others

    Bottom line it is a chance for bands to be heard – bickering over who is holier than who is kind of lame

  11. Larry
    28 Jan 10
    9:50 am

  12. to be honest i’m not sure bands get any benefit from these sorts of initiatives.