Pat Ingram joins Fairfax’s Sunday Life

Former ACP publishing director Pat Ingram has joined Fairfax Media as editorial director of its weekend insert Sunday Life.

Meanwhile Kate Cox has been promoted to editor of the title, which is included with the Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age.   

The appointments follow a turbulent few days for the title with editor Sarah Oakes moved sideways to Fairfax Women’s network online venture Your Daily Life and columnist Sarah Wilson revealing that she was moving on.

Ingram, who also edited Cosmopolitan for 12 years, left ACP two years ago although she continued to consult for the company.

Today’s announcement from Fairfax emphaised Ingram’s relationship with US based publisher Hearst, which licences a string of titles to Australian publishers. It said: “She has had a 30-year relationship with the Hearst Corporation of America managing their joint-venture titles in Australia and also headed up the highly successful ACP Books division.”

Fairfax Media’s national editor Garry Linnell said: “Pat is clearly the outstanding figure in Australian women’s publishing and brings an unrivalled knowledge of the women’s market. There is no-one else in this industry who better understands what Australian women think and want. Pat will play an integral role as we introduce several exciting news changes to Sunday Life in 2012 and capitalise on its influence and success in the Sunday women’s magazine market.”

Early in her career Ingram worked for Fairfax when it had a consumer magazines division. She said: “I am thrilled to be returning to Fairfax Media, the home of my Australian journalistic roots and where I worked for 18 years, at a time of such innovative change.”

Cox launched and edited the S section of the Sun-Herald, and has for the past two years overseen the creative content of the 15 sections in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun Herald.


  1. NP
    14 Dec 11
    4:19 pm

  2. The future is online we all know that! Go Sarah. Looking forward to seeing you translate your talent digitally.

  3. Vic
    14 Dec 11
    5:11 pm

  4. Sarah is one of the best editorial talents that Fairfax has. Good luck Kate Cox – another great talent! Interesting times at Fairfax…

  5. M
    14 Dec 11
    5:13 pm

  6. Shifted sideways? You’re just plain funny these days Tim!!

  7. Hoh
    14 Dec 11
    6:55 pm

  8. NOW this will be interesting! The matriarch sitting over the two young editorial guns at Fairfax. Women’s Network has brought some spice to Fairfax finally!!!!

  9. Nathan
    14 Dec 11
    10:00 pm

  10. Congratulations Kate. And early word in agency land is there is a strong digital play developing.

  11. Hoh
    15 Dec 11
    12:33 pm

  12. Yah. But will it stay strong with magazine peeps now involved? Jane Huxley needs her team to stay strong on this one.

  13. Trish
    15 Dec 11
    3:09 pm

  14. Sorry, I’m confused – how is ‘Sunday Life’ an insert in the Sydney Morning Herald?

  15. mumbrella
    15 Dec 11
    3:28 pm

  16. My bad – Trish. That storuy was written way too quickly!


    Tim – Mumbrella