Paul Fishlock launches ad agency: Behaviour Change Partners

Paul Fishlock, the ‘F’ in BMF, is launching his own creative agency, Mumbrella can reveal.

The highly-regarded creative, who left The Campaign Palace more than a year ago, is already working with the Government of West Australia, Cancer Council, Heart Foundation, Red Cross and a commercial advertiser.

The new agency – called Behaviour Change Partners – has six staff including freelancers, and is moving into a new office in Edgecliff in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. An agency website is still under construction.

The agency’s first major campaign is an anti-obesity initiative for the West Australian government, which is still in development.

“Our agency takes a disciplined approach to behavioural science and behavioural economics,” explained Fishlock, who said a more detailed explanation of the agency’s proposition would follow.

Fishlock is now into the second year of a court case against WPP over the terms of his exit from The Campaign Palace. Fishlock, who set up BMF in 1996 with Warren Brown and Matthew Melhuish, the new CEO of Photon, left The Palace after the arrival of ECD Reed Collins.


  1. Archie
    30 May 12
    2:03 pm

  2. Hopefully they understand what behavioral finance really is because most ad-types fluff it

    If something isn’t concerned with irrational financial decision making, it isn’t behavioral finance

  3. Cognitively DIssonant
    30 May 12
    2:19 pm

  4. I’ve always wanted to be the ‘F’ in a BMF

  5. adnews polls
    30 May 12
    2:45 pm

  6. Good story. Leaving pollnews in your wake

  7. Logic
    30 May 12
    2:56 pm

  8. Based on the posturing I assume it’s full of qualified psychologists and economists then …

  9. Waaah
    30 May 12
    3:22 pm

  10. I wish I could leave a proper comment but I’m now legally blind after a short trip to their site.

  11. paul the freelance writer
    30 May 12
    3:33 pm

  12. So we’re all behaviour change agents now instead of advertising agents.

    After all, that’s where the money is – in a financially-strapped world, the bureaucrats continue to plough untold millions in taxes into nanny state campaigns.

    Of course, being a behaviour change agent brings with it responsibilities: we’ll put locks on the bar fridge, catch the train to work – and definitely no pizzas on pitch night for the studio.

  13. BK
    30 May 12
    3:53 pm

  14. The name is perfectly chosen to suit Gov clients.

  15. andrew varasdi
    30 May 12
    7:42 pm

  16. Good luck…….

  17. Logic
    31 May 12
    2:59 pm

  18. I always thought advertising was all about behavioural change … didn’t John B Watson start this 80 years ago at JWT?

    Great position but my thinking was this is what all agencies ultimately do and have done for decades? (get people to spend their x income on pepsi instead of coke, mazda’s not ford’s) Or are you telling me some agencies don’t exist to change behaviour and exist for some other purpose?