Paula Joye joins Fairfax but continues with Lifestyled

lifestyled_screengrabFormer ACP editor Paula Joye has moved back into a mainstream media job just nine months after launching her own lifestyle website.

She is to become Fairfax Metro Media’s digital fashion and style contributing editor.  

A spokesman for Fairfax said that the role is a full time one but Joye would continue to operate Lifestyled which she kicked off last December.

Because Lifestyled is not audited and its traffic is too low to show up on traffic sites such as Alexa, it is difficult to tell whether it has met with commercial success. The Lifestyled home page currently carries an ad for the Redken hair care brand.

Joye left ACP Magazines in 2009. She was editor of titles Cleo, Shop Til You Drop and Madison

She will be part of the editorial team of Life & Style, which sits across,, and  She will create weekly editorial content with “a strong video focus” covering fashion shows, designers,  style commentary and fashion tips.

A spokesman said that the content would be “completely separate” to Lifestyled.

Jane Huxley, Fairfax’s  digital CEO and publisher  said: “Paula has built commercially successful magazines from scratch and clearly knows how to connect with women. The online environment will allow her to engage and grow our female audience through video blogs, interactive commentary pieces, and audience Q & As with a strong fashion and style focus.”

Joye added: “The opportunity to enhance the already fantastic content and to work with such a large digital audience is an exciting challenge. Women are active and engaged online users. What we can achieve within the medium has only just begun. It’s exciting and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”


  1. MadisonC
    23 Aug 11
    12:44 pm

  2. Good luck Paula! It’s a shame that Lifestyled didn’t work, but lack of content probably dosen’t help. Will be good to see her back in a real role.

  3. Lmc
    23 Aug 11
    1:19 pm

  4. Didn’t know about Lifestyled until now so just had a look at it and it’s pretty good. We, in Australia, have so few (if any) sites of this type to go to I think she should keep at it.

    I can’t think of any sites I can go to and see houses, art, beauty … lifestyle so it’s a shame she’s gone to Fairfax.

  5. Fan
    23 Aug 11
    1:25 pm

  6. Paula will be great, love her style. Finally Fairfax!

  7. Megan
    23 Aug 11
    5:29 pm

  8. I’ve followed and read Lifestyled. Monthly print mags is where Paula belongs. She doesn’t have the chutzpah, personality and quick wit. for digitial.

    Back to print would have been a better move.

  9. Stylish lady
    23 Aug 11
    5:36 pm

  10. If you read the article it says Paula is still doing Lifestyled – not that it hasn’t worked! And Mumbrella – are you on Alexa for your numbers?

  11. mumbrella
    23 Aug 11
    6:49 pm

  12. Hi Stylish Lady,
    My first choice is audited Nielsen numbers via the ABA, which we are able to access. But Lifestyled hasn’t signed up for that, hence using a free tool like Alexa. It’s not as precise, but when a site does not show up at all, you can be reasonably certain that traffic is pretty low.
    Tim – Mumbrella

  13. Stylish lady
    23 Aug 11
    7:31 pm

  14. Thanks Tim – useful info. I just looked on Alexa and Lifestyled is in there – it just says it doesn’t show exact data for sites with under 100,000 uniques. In your opinion, with so many websites having under 100,000 UB’s nowadays do you think sites like Alexa will start to display traffic numbers for sites under 100k?

  15. Lmc
    23 Aug 11
    7:31 pm

  16. Stylish Lady the lifestyled site hasn’t been update for some time, hence this perception wrong or right.

  17. mumbrella
    23 Aug 11
    8:04 pm

  18. You can force Alexa to show the data it does have, if you compare it to a larger site. For example, put in first of all. the traffic for Lifestyled appears to be so small in comparison when you do that, it wouldn’t be particularly reliable for actual numbers.

  19. Natto
    23 Aug 11
    9:05 pm

  20. I have followed Paula Joye for years and think she is one of the few traditional mag editors who has managed to deliver content in a digitally interesting manner. Her site is great, even if its not updated enough.
    I spoke to some peeps from Fairfax today Tim – from what I understand her site will continue as she delivers different stuff for the Fairfax women’s audiences on Life and Style. I’m personally intrigued! Good on Fairfax, nice signing.

  21. Lynette Phillips
    23 Aug 11
    11:25 pm

  22. Fairfax great appointment – Paula will be such an asset!!

  23. Fan
    24 Aug 11
    6:49 am

  24. Interesting for Fairfax, they need some fresh blood..will shake up some of the journos!

  25. Cam
    24 Aug 11
    10:03 am

  26. Based on recent SMI data it appears as though Fairfax is actually doing a lot right ! To bump ninemsn from number 1 for H2 revenue is no mean feat. Bringing Paula on certainly suggests an increase in priority for Women’s Lifestyle for them … interesting times, best of luck Paula.

  27. Mia Freedman
    24 Aug 11
    11:22 pm

  28. Go you good thing.