Possibly the best job ad in the world…


Dr Mumbo regrets to inform you that this may be the last post you ever read from him. Thanks to this little guy, he feels duty bound to apply for a new gig as Penguin’s Community Manager.

Who knew penguins could be so persuasive?




  1. Paul
    7 Sep 12
    3:13 pm

  2. I would suggest that David Thorne is going to apply…


  3. Joanne
    7 Sep 12
    4:29 pm

  4. Love it! you can’t help but love the little penguin!

  5. Dan
    7 Sep 12
    4:54 pm

  6. Paul,

    I think Mr Thorne would be an inspired choice. Complete anarchy.

  7. Eric A Blair
    7 Sep 12
    5:56 pm

  8. Classic Penguin fish fight:

    To quote Mr. Thorne: “as I used the same image of a penguin giving the finger (which has at least a thirty degree difference in the angle of the flipper to Penguin’s logo) to promote the first book without any issue, now that I am using it to promote the second book, which is not published by Penguin, it is now suddenly a trademark infringement?”

    Anyone of this quality should be hired immediately.

  9. Anonymous
    10 Sep 12
    2:11 pm

  10. Will they bother actually hiring a Community Manager after this, given they’ll have a nice little repository of ideas for free?
    Dr Mumbo, perhaps you could have headlined this post “Penguin goes fishing”.