Post house Kojo invests in Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures

South Australian post house Kojo, has come on board as an investor on kids’ series Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures.

The SA company will also be post-production partner on the live action series.

Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures was green-lighted following investment from Network Ten, ZDF Enterprises, Screen Australia and the South Australian Film Corporation.

Set to begin shooting in South Australia in 2013 at the Adelaide Studios the 26×24 minute series will go out on Ten with ZDF Enterprises handling distribution internationally.

The series is good news for the SAFC and the Adelaide Studios, which previously lost the $14m kids action show Resistance.

Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures is based on the action adventure books by Justin D’Ath.

Suzanne Ryan, Producer, EP and CEO of SLR Productions said: “I am thrilled to announce Kojo as a partner on ‘Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures’.  This series is bringing together the very best of local and international partners so combining these with South Australia’s outstanding creative talent, landscape and resources will ensure ‘Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures’ has global appeal in its demographic.”


  1. Dan
    14 Sep 12
    3:20 pm

  2. ‘Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures’ was the top shelf video I always wanted to rent as a spotty UK teenager in the late 80’s.

  3. Brentwallac
    17 Sep 12
    10:50 am

  4. Is it common for a post-house to invest in a TV series?