Price sculptures in new campaign for Kmart

BWM’s Melbourne office has released the next installment of discount retailer Kmart’s ‘Ok’ campaign.

The ad, shot in-store over three days and nights, features shoppers amazed by large sculptures of prices made from Kmart products.

“The new work supports Kmart’s Every Day Low Price positioning but also brings these incredible Price Sculptures to life, showcasing the surprising range of choice behind their low prices,” BWM’s Melbourne MD, Carl Ratcliff, said.

The sculptures were made by Melbourne-based artists Tin & Ed.

“We’ve really enjoyed our journey together. BWM continues to demonstrate their capacity to genuinely excite mums in a category defined by dull, and uninspiring retail advertising,”  Kmart GM of marketing, Dion Workman, said.


Brand Council
Managing Director – Carl Ratcliff
Executive Planning – Jamie Mackay
General Manager – Nicole Miranda
General Manager Marketing – Dion Workman
National Marketing Communications Manager – Natalie Warren-Smith
Creative Director BWM – Shaun Branagan
Creative Director Kmart – Billie Georgieff
Creative Group Head – Amy Hollier
Senior Art Director – Lauren Doolan Production
Head of Onscreen and Experience – Abby Hunt
Senior Onscreen Producer – Jessica Nornton
Onscreen Production Assistant – Sally Cunningham
BWM Account Managers – Ben Hyland and Sarah Luck
Exit Films
Director – Ben Saunders
Producer – Toby Webster
Art Director – Lance Davis
Artists – tin&ed


  1. Alberto Rosso
    20 Jul 12
    4:00 pm

  2. Not very realistic. I’ve never seen that many MILFs at the one time down at our local Kmart. Probably not in a week.

  3. As a busy mum
    22 Jul 12
    10:29 am

  4. Kmart has decided to market their company with a price strategy. However the products in the store is not as good quality or the known brands. An example of this is that Kmart use to sell licenced clothes. Now you cannot get dora or disney clothes at Kmart. Kmart is losing out. Sure have the pricing strategy but if you have products that no one wants then no matter what the price is you wont reach the bottom line!