Putting a cork in it

What’s the opposite of contextual advertising?

Because Dr Mumbo’s found it.

shire penfolds

source: smh.com.au

Dr Mumbo suspects that the correlation between people looking to recork their vintage wines and people wanting to read about the Shire may be a tad on the low side.


  1. LW
    24 Jul 12
    7:19 pm

  2. Maybe Penfolds should have a Re-gooning clinic for Shire-types to fill up their cask wine inners?

  3. Oh Contrare!
    26 Jul 12
    3:33 am

  4. The only people watching the Shire are those that aren’t from it. And they’re pissing themselves. The ones from the Shire are the ones complaining and wanting ten to take it off the air, unfortunately they don’t seem to get it.