Dumb Ways To Die takes its third grand prix of Cannes with radio win

McCann Melbourne’s Dumb Ways To Die has picked up a third Grand Prix in Cannes, this time taking the top award in the radio category.

mccann grand prix radio

dumb ways to dieThe safety campaign for Metro Trains also won two Gold Lions in the Radio Lions category.

The three minute version of the song was awarded the Grand Prix from among the 163 global entries.

It picked up the Gold Lions for Best Use of Music and/or Sound Design and Best Scriptwriting.

DDB Sydney won a pair of Silver Lion campaign awards for a Volkswagen Driver Fatigue campaign while Whybin/TBWA Australia won a Bronze Lion for an M.J Bale Men’s suits campaign.


  1. Sam
    20 Jun 13
    8:41 am

  2. Great content and know its not necessarily the criteria for winning sone of these awards but was the campaign effective?? I.e. did it reduce accidents?… I can’t believe that wasn’t the KPI of the client brief…

  3. mumbrella
    20 Jun 13
    8:45 am

  4. Hi Sam,

    Cannes does have a Creative Effectiveness Award in which winners of Lions from the previous year are invited to demonstrate that the campaign actually worked. In addition, it will be interesting to see how Dumb Ways To Die fares in the Effies locally.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  5. Tom
    20 Jun 13
    9:06 am

  6. Hi Tim

    Is this now the most awarded campaign in history (sorry, tried Google, but no luck)? I believe this was the case with D&AD. What about Cannes, has any campaign won three GRand Prix before?

  7. sam
    20 Jun 13
    9:11 am

  8. Definately! Thanks Tim

  9. Thom
    20 Jun 13
    9:38 am

  10. The entry on the Cannes Lions website said it reduced accidents by 21% in a matter of months.

  11. mumbrella
    20 Jun 13
    10:51 am

  12. Hi Tom,

    It must be getting close. I haven’t yet checked how many Grand Prix Best Job In The World (another Australian campaign of course) picked up – that would be the benchmark, I reckon.


    Tim- Mumbrella

  13. mumbrella
    20 Jun 13
    11:12 am

  14. Update:

    This isn’t comprehensive, but is a list we published of Best Job’s awards in 2009:


    You’ll see it won three Grand Prix plus five other Lions, so Dumb Ways To Die has already beaten that…


    Tim – Mumbrella

  15. Tom
    20 Jun 13
    11:24 am

  16. Thanks Tim

    That is a long list indeed!
    It’s amazing what one campaign can do for the reputation of a country’s total creative output, which in Australia’s case surely must skyrocket after this.