Ricki-Lee Coulter fronts Woolies schools program

Woolworths has signed singer Ricki-Lee Coulter as the face of its schools program Earn and Learn.

The singer, who is currently a mentor on The Voice and recently appeared on the cover of lad’s mag Maxim, is to promote the benefits of the program, which supports primary and secondary schools with funding for books, sport and musical equipment and art and craft materials.

Woolies supermarket rival Coles uses Olympian Cathie Freeman as its Sports for Schools Ambassador.

Coulter said in a press release: “I went to a state school in Queensland and loved music and sport at school but we always had limited resources. I see this as a fantastic initiative for everyone to make a difference in children’s education. It’s a great opportunity for every school.”

Woolies GM of marketing Elizabeth Ryley, added: “We are really pleased that Ricki-Lee has come on board with Woolworths to promote the benefits and value of Earn & Learn and to communicate the message to all our customers that when they shop at Woolworths they can support our next generation of stars.”


  1. S
    7 May 12
    4:36 pm

  2. That’d definitely get the boys interested in the program!

  3. Janelle
    7 May 12
    4:58 pm

  4. Too racy? Surely not.

    Shouldn’t all prepubescent girls be learning that to be truly accepted you need to shed ridiculous amounts of weight and then bend over in front of a camera in your underpants while you sing lyrics like ‘I bet you want a taste of this apple pie.’

    Great choice Woolworths.

  5. T
    7 May 12
    5:02 pm

  6. She posted a Twitter pic recently seductively sucking a banana (not eating – I’ve never seen anyone eat a banana that way). Not a great fit.

  7. Anonymous
    7 May 12
    5:26 pm

  8. Well she did learn that to earn she needed to stop eating.

  9. Anon
    7 May 12
    6:13 pm

  10. Worst pick ever. But hey her going back to school might be nice if she sits in on a lesson about carb and saturated fat intake. Seriously though any schooling would be beneficial for her.

  11. Trevor Trevorsen
    7 May 12
    6:24 pm

  12. At least she’s wearing pants unlike her last video…

  13. Dan
    7 May 12
    7:53 pm

  14. What a bizarre choice – compared to Cathy Freeman etc I can’t see what Ricki-Lee brings to the table on this one. She brings very little to The Voice and that’s meant to be what she knows about.

  15. Daniel
    8 May 12
    9:17 am

  16. I’m already reluctant to shop and Woolworths.

    To anyone who watches the tvc, tell me it’s not irritating?

  17. alan
    8 May 12
    11:15 am

  18. Hey Janelle, go ahead and make a sarcastic comment but don’t then have your name link to your PR company website spruiking for business.It’s cheap.

  19. Janelle
    8 May 12
    11:43 am

  20. Alan, I don’t comment on these posts because I have an opinion of everything and an educated knowledge of nothing. I comment as a PR professional and as I stand behind my comments, I am not afraid to also post who I am and where I am from.

    If you wish to take ‘cheap’ potshots at people, maybe you should join in the Herald Sun online comment discussions, they seem to be more suited to your style.

  21. Mrs C
    8 May 12
    3:24 pm

  22. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Woolies scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Worse fit ever

  23. pete
    8 May 12
    3:25 pm

  24. I’m not sure what the issue is with Ricki Lee.
    Ricki Lee is young and she currently in the charts etc. so kids will be watching her.
    She is doing something positive promoting learning and education for kids.
    Yes she has posed for magazines but they are not porno’s she isn’t doing anything illegal so what is your problem?
    Are you a perfect angel? Have you ever made a decision in your life, that may another questionable later? Get off her case!

  25. the public
    8 May 12
    3:43 pm

  26. Please leave Ricki Lee Alone!

  27. Some Suit
    8 May 12
    3:45 pm

  28. Frankly, I found it refreshing that the focus was on music equipment rather than footballs (yawn), and that the spokesperson wasn’t another ‘sporting hero’ who’ll be in the news next week for brawling in a nightclub and/or assaulting a teenage girl. Behaviour held in much higher regard, I take it.

  29. JP
    8 May 12
    3:48 pm

  30. Good choice!
    Her first in store promo will be a nice pear in the fresh fruit and vege isle

  31. Shaniqua Livingston
    8 May 12
    4:34 pm

  32. Janelle, dont be hating. Girl got back and getting healthy should be encouraged, especially with the lack of healthy nutrition demonstrated by parents, which sets an awesome precent for their children. Lyric is great, aint poetry…its pop. Deal with it. Great choice.

  33. Janelle
    8 May 12
    4:45 pm

  34. I think everyone protecting RLC is missing the point. If you read most of the comments expressing their dislike of the decision, they are focused on the fact that this is not a good fit for this particular campaign.

    If RLC wants to strip down, shake her arse on TV and sing suggestive lyrics, that’s her choice, she’s an adult and quite frankly I couldn’t care less, but the fact she was picked to front a campaign aimed at children doesn’t fit.

    Shaniqua, girl might ‘have back’ and ‘lyric might be great’, but for a different campaign and a different audience.

  35. Shaniqua Livingston
    8 May 12
    5:12 pm

  36. Far from protecting. You’ve sandbagged the talent concerning her eating habits and a subjective lyric without providing a valid argument as to why she doesn’t fit the campaign. Rather than ‘attempting’ to mediate the conversation, start one with a rational issue.

  37. Janelle
    8 May 12
    5:25 pm

  38. RLC is not a fit for this program and they should find someone that a school aged child could relate to.

    Most people would see that as pretty clear and valid.

  39. Lyn
    8 May 12
    5:32 pm

  40. Why is she naked????????? Please explain………………….

    They think children are being sexually active too early!!! I wonder why????!!!! With the choice of advertising!!!! Where is the role models?????

  41. George Martin
    8 May 12
    5:39 pm

  42. Janelle can you please help. I tried to look up your song ‘I bet you want a taste of this apple pie’ on iTunes but couldn’t find it. Can you please post a link … it sounds like a winner!

  43. AdGrunt
    8 May 12
    7:33 pm

  44. Janelle,

    If you think RLC isn’t related to by school kids, then you’re woefully out of touch.

    This isn’t some smutty reference to her magazine work. She is genuinely admired by many kids as being someone plucked from obscurity and who has used her singing ability, via a talent show, to great ongoing success.