Russell Gilbert and petrol-head granny feature in new Midas ads

Rebecca Clay and Russell Gilbert

Auto servicing brand Midas Australia has launched a new TV campaign.

Created by advertising agency Circus, the campaign features a series of ads including comedian Russell Gilbert helping a rev-head granny, and a couple with car trouble on their wedding day.    

The commercials will air across Foxtel and all free-to-air networks.


  • Advertising agency: Circus
  • Production: Chesterfilm
  • Director: Matt Bird


  1. Daniel-Jacob Santhou
    4 Sep 12
    11:24 am

  2. I saw them last night on TV.

    I don’t mean to be rude, but I thought this was done in-house (to save money).

    I like the idea of the ‘Midas Touch’ – that famous touch of gold. I feel the ads did not really do it justice. I thought it was too ‘in your face’.

    Bring on the barrage of attacks 😉

  3. Tony Bee
    4 Sep 12
    12:50 pm

  4. Is it meant to be this cheesy? Are we meant to think Russell is a real Midas person? Looks like someone who would do anything for the money.

  5. Bozo
    4 Sep 12
    7:54 pm

  6. So which bunch of clowns came up with this?

    And why is Russell not just playing himself?

    Cliched and cheesy to the max.