SBS drops ‘seven billions stories’ tagline replacing it with “join in”

SBS is to launch a new tagline “Join in” replacing its previous brand of “seven billion stories and counting”, which the multicultural broadcaster has had for a number of years.


The campaign was developed in partnership with creative agency Joy, however SBS signed Naked Communications earlier this year meaning this is likely to be one of the last pieces of work Joy will undertake for the network.

The new branding is timed to coincide with the launch of the station’s coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup which kicked off today. Australia’s first match will start tomorrow morning at 8am on SBS.

Helen Kellie

Helen Kellie

SBS chief content officer Helen Kellie said the branding is designed to encourage Australians to explore diversity and the different content SBS provides.

“Over the past 40 years SBS has brought different content to our screens in news and current affairs, sport, documentary and drama,” she said in the statement.

“Join in is continuing that celebration of diversity and invites all Australians to embrace our differences and enjoy what it means to be Australian today.”

A new Join in SBS brand film will air during half time of the Socceroos’ first match on Saturday 14 June made by Joy and Stampede (Toby Dixon and Alex Feggans), and the SBS in-house design team, with music especially created by Sonar Music. SBS employees and talent will feature in the film.


  1. Ryan
    13 Jun 14
    11:09 am

  2. If it looks like a numpty, it generally makes decision like a numpty too.

  3. Spinner
    13 Jun 14
    12:20 pm

  4. A little creative group in Western Sydney does it so eloquently…

  5. George
    13 Jun 14
    12:54 pm

  6. What a meaningless unemotional tagline “Join in” is.
    Perhaps SBS will soon “join in” with ABC.

  7. Adama
    13 Jun 14
    2:20 pm

  8. SBS’s tagline could be ‘As Aussie as it gets’. This is the new Australia – deposition the other FTA channels as old school.

  9. Bob
    13 Jun 14
    2:39 pm

  10. “Seven billion stories and counting” was one of the best tagllines in Australia. Join in is generic and try-hard

  11. the meddler
    13 Jun 14
    3:48 pm

  12. Join in, er, no I won’t.
    What a horrendous waste of money – Tax Payers should storm the building.
    SBS more like SOS.

  13. Steve
    13 Jun 14
    5:12 pm

  14. I thought SBS stood for Sex Before Soccer….

  15. I wonder
    13 Jun 14
    6:23 pm

  16. Damn I was coming here to post they were going to “join in” with the ABC in Harris St but George beat me to it.