Screen Australia’s Matthew Deaner to head up SPAA

The Screen Producers Association of Australia has announced Matthew Deaner as the organisation’s new executive director.

Most recently the manager of strategy and research at Screen Australia, Deaner replaces Geoff Brown, who announced his departure in December. Before Screen Australia, Deaner was at the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association as manager of legal, policy and industry development.

Brian Rosen, president of SPAA, said: “We are at an important cross roads and are thrilled that Matthew will be leading the organisation through this next critical phase.” he added.

Deaner said: “Independent producers are responsible for creating the finest and most successful Australian content – whether that be feature film, television or digital media. Their work is not only key to the ambitions of the Government’s cultural objectives, it is key to the business success of traditional and emerging content distribution platforms.”

Of Brown’s departure, Rosen said: “We are sad to see Geoff retire but look forward to celebrating his substantial contribution to the industry at the upcoming SPAA Conference.”

Deaner’s official first day will be the first day of the SPAA Conference on 12 November.


  1. Hank
    4 Sep 12
    12:41 pm

  2. Nice one Matt.

  3. John Grono
    4 Sep 12
    3:32 pm

  4. Congrats Matt.

  5. Penny Field
    11 Sep 12
    11:22 am

  6. Well done, Matt. And looking like a star in your pic!