Sensis 1234: Don’t say it, text it

The Melbourne office of DDB has launched a TV and outdoor campaign for Sensis 1234, Telstra’s ‘telephone concierge’ service.

The idea behind the campaign, which focuses on Sensis 1234’s text service, is that there are some things that are not best said aloud.

“While Telstra customers may already know about the call service, we wanted this campaign to highlight the upside of our SMS service in situations where talking on the phone isn’t appropriate,” said Geraldine Davys, group manager brand and marketing communications at Sensis.

DDB Melbourne’s managing partner Oliver Lynch added: “The changing nature of technology and how we use it has produced some unfortunate side effects. We’ve all heard things that are inappropriate and wish we could un-hear and this campaign taps into that insight.”


ECD: Grant Rutherford
C: Brendon Guthrie & Tim Holmes
Creative team: Beck Wallman & Scot van den Driesen
Director: Dave Wood
Production Company: Film Construction
TV Producer: Carol Sinclair
Editor: Marissa Brain
Creative Services Director: Lee Harrington
Planner: Ian Forth
Managing Partner: Oliver Lynch
Senior Account Manager: Stephanie Luxmoore
Account Executive: Ella Huang

As above, plus:
Designer: Jacqui Lau
Illustrations: The Craft Shop
Production: Jodie Mussared
Retoucher: Glenn Pyke
Operaters: Sharlene Grasby, Harry Williams


  1. Bem
    8 Oct 12
    4:44 pm

  2. Or you could just Google it for free…

  3. SERPS
    8 Oct 12
    7:17 pm

  4. @Bern “Like” :)

  5. Billy C
    9 Oct 12
    11:12 am

  6. Sensis is like a repository of outdated or third class technology and services. It’s website is pretty strange. A web search powered by google! Why not just use google?

  7. Alberto Rosso
    9 Oct 12
    1:47 pm

  8. Like the Sensis operative (no doubt in a call centre in downtown Mumbai) is going to know who would be the best criminal defence lawyer in town.

  9. Richard Moss
    9 Oct 12
    2:37 pm

  10. Nice idea, but only one in three ideas worked for me. I really felt for the poor guy in the pool, but the other two failed to evoke visceral clutch.

  11. Eric A Blair
    9 Oct 12
    2:50 pm

  12. A surprising amount of anti-Sensis sentiment so far…but if this is indeed a Google service the 50% plus of Australians with Smart-phones won’t want to pay a premium for a Google intermediary.

    Perhaps a better creative idea than product?