Sentia Media relocates production staff to Malaysia

Media information firm Sentia Media, until recently known as Media Monitors, has relocated seven production personnel from Australia to Malaysia to trim staff costs.

The company has insisted that the move is not about scaling back operations in Australia.

“In Australia we have 408 staff, and seven production roles (five full time employees) are being relocated to our Global Processing team in Malaysia,” Sentia Media’s group comms manager John Chalmers told Mumbrella.

“It is likely that three of these people will be redeployed into press reading/relevance roles, so the net effect is four roles,” he said.

“We are always looking at more effective ways to do business across the Sentia Media group of companies, which now has over 1,200 staff in 15 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region and many operational functions across its borders.”

Sentia Media is the parent of Brandtology online business intelligence, 360m media analysis and insight, Beijing-based ChinaClipping and MediaBanc in Southeast Asia as well as Media Monitors.

The company recently rebranded from Media Monitors to Sentia Media.


  1. curious
    3 Jul 12
    11:10 am

  2. It is interesting to note that the main focus of this article is that Sentia Media has relocated some (7) production staff to Malaysia yet you have failed to mention the number of positions which have become available in various Sentia Media offices around Australia. Is it that your main focus is always on the negatives within companies you fail to mention the positives also?

  3. Anon
    3 Jul 12
    11:24 am

  4. more job losses.. I blame the carbon tax

  5. mumbrella
    3 Jul 12
    11:28 am

  6. Hu Curious,

    Do you work at Sentia by any chance? (I think I already know the answer to that, by the way.)

    We did invite Sentia to comment, and they did so. However they didn’t mention that they had some vacancies.

    But you may have the nature of news slightly confused, which does seem a little ironic from somebody who works within the Media Monitors family. I think you may want the job board – it’s free for you to advertise.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  7. willemrt
    3 Jul 12
    11:47 am

  8. I’m just glad I got out when I did. Ever since Neville Jeffres died the place seemed like it was going downhill.

  9. truthandjustice willprevail
    4 Jul 12
    11:30 am

  10. There seems to be lots of hidden conspiracy around the restructuring (and integration) that is happening in the company, not only in ANZ but also in SEA. The employees deserve to know what exactly is going on and not only informed of when things have been decided for.