Sentia Media rebrands as iSentia

iSentiaLeading media information firm Sentia Media is to rebrand as iSentia in a move that will see the firm bring its various brands, which include Media Monitors, MediaBanc, Brandtology, BuzzNumbers, 360m, Mediapeople NZ and Slice, under one the one brand.

Mumbrella can reveal the change will see the integration of the various brands across 15 countries into a single company.

“iSentia has grown organically and through acquisitions across the Asia-Pacific over the past five years. Until now we had seven service brands that are strong in their own area of expertise and territory, which will now be consolidated into one brand to solidify our client offering,” said John Croll iSentia CEO.

It is just over 12 months ago since the company began moving to the Sentia brand when it rebranded its parent company of Media Monitors as Sentia Media.

“The move to one brand is client driven,” said Croll. “We are embarking on a new three year strategic plan that will provide a new level of service excellence and clarity, unifying our brand and structure allows us to deliver on our core purpose, vision and strategic priorities.”

“The evolution to iSentia enables the group to develop management structures that support a business that is truly integrated across 21 offices from Beijing to Bondi.”

Last week the company confirmed a round of redundancies with suggestions as many as 65 staff had been let go.

Nic Christensen 


  1. JG
    26 Mar 13
    3:27 pm

  2. Maybe they could have an agency that targets the upper socio-economic demographics as well – ABSentia.

  3. John
    26 Mar 13
    6:03 pm

  4. Absolutely ridiculous! This company seriously can not make up its mind what it’s doing.

    Servicing has absolutely fallen away in the past twelve months too!

  5. Ex Monitor
    26 Mar 13
    9:22 pm

  6. Nothing new. They’ve structured and restructured every 6mths or so for the past 5 years. It keeps staff on their toes…

  7. shehan
    27 Mar 13
    9:06 am

  8. why don’t they put in some more buzzwords?

  9. Vegemite
    27 Mar 13
    11:45 am

  10. Why didn’t they go for 2.0Sentia? Then again e-Sentia could have been the go (or is that too early nineties rave)?

    Defo buzzword bingo.

    I would have just changed entirely to something like; ‘Kipper”. Kipper would be perfect wouldn’t it?

  11. AmOpinionatedExReader
    28 Mar 13
    11:16 am

  12. This company is a joke. Not only is the new name lame, copying iPhones, iPads, iTunes… and other Apple products, it’s also a crap place to work.

  13. Whatever
    29 Mar 13
    1:18 pm

  14. After they trash old staff and made them redundant they changed name again.. I bet they will do that again for the next 12 months cos they’re crap in delivering services.