Seven claims primetime lead, but Nine is ahead in key ad demos


Ahead in total viewers

Ahead in key demos

Seven has laid claim to be the number one network in Australian primetime television for 2012 for total people – six weeks before the end of the official ratings year.

But rival Nine is winning in the three main advertising demographics.

Seven, including digital channels, between 6pm to midnight, has 30.6% channel share from the weeks 7-41 according to OzTam, while rival Nine has 28.6% total people share.

However, Nine, including its digital channels, is the frontrunner across all five free-to-air networks in the key ad demographics. In the prime time hours of 6pm to midnight, Nine has 32.7% share in the 16-39 demo, 32.3% in the 18-49 age group and 31.7% for people aged 25-54.

Seven has 29.4% in the 16-39 demographic, and 29.5% in both the 18-49 and 25-54 demos.

Ten is third for total people, with 18.8% share. In the demographic breakdown, Ten has 25% share for 16-39 year olds, 23.9% for 18-49s and 22.9% for 25-54s.

ABC sits at 16.6% share for total people, with 9.2% in 16-39, 10.2% in 18-49 and 11.3% in 25-54.

SBS is a long way back with 5.4% share total people. The broadcaster has 3.7% share in the 16-39 demo, 4.2% in 18-49, 4.6% in 25-54.


  1. Simon
    22 Oct 12
    2:51 pm

  2. We always see %. Where can we see total numbers? And those numbers in comparison to last year. Same with radio. Always with the shares, never with the totals.


  3. Tv Buyer
    22 Oct 12
    3:10 pm

  4. If you remove the Olympic weeks, Nine audience figures will lose their steam! Agencies and Advertisers do not include Olympic weeks and audience figures in either of the up-front deals, or even on a brief by brief basis. So regardless of the above, Seven’s numbers stack up much better.

  5. Matt
    22 Oct 12
    4:18 pm

  6. Tv Buyer, If you remove Olympic weeks Nine is actually still out in front for People 16-39, 18-49 & 25-54s.

  7. kp
    22 Oct 12
    4:21 pm

  8. Seven are really good at making more entertaining television! Take last week for example….getting Psy on X factor & Sunrise was a Gold move by management……

    if Seven next year can wrench the cricket rights away from nine like they are trying…..then i doubt I would ever flick away from Seven…

  9. Steve Weaver
    22 Oct 12
    4:58 pm

  10. @TV Buyer- SYTD 18-24h00 excluding the Olympics, Nine is still ahead on demo.
    TTL PPL- Seven 30.9 Nine- 27.9; PPL25-54 Seven 29.9 Nine 31.0; PPL16-39 Seven 29.8 Nine 31.9

    @Simon- SYTD YOY% 18-24h00 excluding the Olympics: TTL PPL ABC +8.3% Seven -0.9% Nine +5.4% Ten -12.8% SBS +1.5%

  11. Insider
    22 Oct 12
    9:31 pm

  12. Gotta love @Steve Weaver!……..oops…..wrong Network!