Seven to reinvent My Rules format? MGR?

MKRFirst there was My Restaurant Rules, then My Kitchen Rules but could the Seven Network be planning a new take on the tried and true format?

Tomorrow evening is the Seven upfronts and Dr Mumbo’s spies tell him that the network is indeed plotting a new take on the successful TV format? 

A Seven spokesman was coy on the speculation saying only that all would be revealed tomorrow night…

Which leaves Dr Mumbo wondering what is left? Especially when the network launched a broader renovation Rules show last year with House Rules.

My Garden Rules? Perhaps?


  1. Man who knows these things.
    21 Oct 13
    11:44 am

  2. I believe it is actually a new corporate strategy called MNR – My Network Rules:

    -Start every program 10 minutes late
    -Move the scheduling around so no-one knows when a show is on
    -Start Sunrise earlier – at midnight – and finish it later – at 6pm.
    -Show some American programs on the day they air but wait months for others; have no discernible reason for these fluctuations.

  3. My Comment Rules
    21 Oct 13
    2:34 pm

  4. Just bring back My Restaurant Rules! It was really popular long before MKR and House Rules…