‘Sexy’ Christmas decorations brand launches, ‘think Agent Provocateur meets Santa’

A new brand of Christmas tree decorations has launched in Australia, and is attempting to make the ornaments sexy with a new ad campaign.

The new brand, called O Christmas Tree, has released a video, created by Orange Whip Films, featuring a young woman wearing suspenders.

“Christmas decorations don’t just have to be boring pieces and we’ve tried to make them sexy. Any woman would love to receive one of these gifts, wrapped up seductively in a red box. Think Agent Provocateur meets Santa, this Christmas”, said Catherine Oates- Smith, founder, O Christmas Tree.

Prices for the decorations go up to $199.99.


  1. Ingrid
    2 Nov 12
    1:50 pm

  2. Great ad – pity it has zero to do with the product it is selling. Since when are little gingham candy canes with plastic buttons (think primary school craft), or blue paper decorations even vaguely sexy? Serious disconnect between concept and product.

  3. Ben Coverdale
    2 Nov 12
    1:56 pm

  4. Went to the site. It’s a little different from what I expected. Sexy ad though.

  5. Red
    2 Nov 12
    2:08 pm

  6. But… the decorations aren’t sexy….Or is that where the ‘O’ comes into it? Perhaps there’s another use for them?