Streaming service Crackle picks up Days Of Our Lives for Australia

Online TV and film streaming site Crackle has acquired the rights to make the iconic soap opera Days of our Lives available in Australia.

Crackle launched in 2009 and streams TV and films from Sony Pictures’ library for free on a number of platforms, including connected TV, gaming consoles, mobiles, tablets and PCs.

Channel Nine axed the soap in April this year due to rising costs.

Ten episodes will be offered in the inaugural week, started next Monday June 17, with seven new episodes released each Monday. Each episode will be available for four weeks.

Crackle has mostly focussed on older films until now, with Days Of Our Lives being the first major acquisition for their television section. Previously Crackle has focussed mainly on cartoons and anime when it comes to that category.

Phil Lynch, senior vice president, digital networks and games for Sony Pictures Television, said: “We are very happy to be offering Days of our Lives fans an opportunity to keep up with the show in Australia.

Mark Young, senior vice president, distribution, Australia & New Zealand for Sony Pictures Television, said: “There has been an outpouring of support from fans across Australia, telling us how much Days of our Lives means to them. We are delighted to be partnering with Crackle to help viewers keep up with the daytime drama as we solidify long term plans.”


  1. judy cowell
    13 Jun 13
    11:12 am

  2. well done for picking up days of our lives, have missed it greatly, having watched for over 35 years.

  3. Elizabeth James
    13 Jun 13
    1:47 pm

  4. To Whom It May Concern

    Thanks so very much for keeping me informed of my beloved soap 2 mths ago i sent an email and got a response back so fast i was so greatful. Im so happy to hear that we can now catch up with Days again greatttttttttttt work guys.

    Yours Sincerely

  5. Janet Smith
    13 Jun 13
    2:19 pm

  6. Could you please tell me where to find crackle to watch days of our lives.

  7. Janet Smith
    13 Jun 13
    2:22 pm

  8. Great to hear days of our lives is back but where do I watch this programme on what site please.

  9. lyn wain
    13 Jun 13
    4:29 pm

  10. thank u for showing days of our lives i have watched this soap on and off for 45yearsand have missed it how do i get on too this site please

  11. In the know
    13 Jun 13
    5:13 pm

  12. Janet, either grab the crackle app from the app store if you have an iPad or go to and watch online

  13. Jan
    13 Jun 13
    9:39 pm

  14. Very excited to think I can catch up with ‘Days’ again. Thank you so much! Thanks also to in the know for the site info.

  15. theresa jones
    14 Jun 13
    3:32 pm

  16. just wanted to voice my thoughts on the on line viewing of days of our lives. is this the further we have to look forward to. being cuped up on a chair. in front of a computer. watching a show, that belongs on a tv. kicking back on a comfortable lounge. with a cup of tea in hand. that’s how you should enjoy watching days.. I really think it’s sad that it’s come to this. it’s a joke.

  17. Elizabeth McKeown
    14 Jun 13
    4:14 pm

  18. Thank you so very much. I’ve been going crazy wondering what’s happening. Good on you Crackle for providing for so many DOOLs fans across Australia. It was just shocking that it was axed so unceremoniously from our network. Shame on them!

  19. In the know
    14 Jun 13
    6:57 pm

  20. Theresa jones, shame you don’t recognize empowerment when you see it. Try plugging your pc into your TV, or buy an iPad, easy

  21. Sam
    14 Jun 13
    10:55 pm

  22. Thanks so much for bringing back Days of our Lives. Day time tv is not the same without it. Shame it’s not back on commercial tv like it always was. Never thought I’d miss it!

  23. Doris
    15 Jun 13
    1:57 pm

  24. Please tell me where do I find Crackle .

  25. Josie Totani
    15 Jun 13
    4:45 pm

  26. I like to say thankyou for bringing back days of our lives, I love the story lines and all the drama in Salam, I have been watching since I met my husband back in 87 as than My mother-in-law got me started and since than I haven’t been able to change the channel, so good on crackle just so happens to be we just brought a smart TV to watch it on. Keep up the good work.

  27. sharon phillips
    15 Jun 13
    5:00 pm

  28. How does mum watch it when she doesnt use the internet????

  29. Val Young
    16 Jun 13
    8:48 am

  30. Thanks Crackle- I have been catching up via mini YouTube edits and its been very frustrating. Love my DOOL happy to be able to access via your streaming . Heartfelt thanks :)

  31. theresa jones
    17 Jun 13
    6:08 pm

  32. mom doesen’t have the internent…………………………..

  33. theresa jones
    17 Jun 13
    6:18 pm

  34. mom have a tv set. she doesn’t have a computer she can;t afford one her only enjoyment was watching days of our lives every day. now she can’t look forward to it. hope you feel good now. she’s not ” in the know. it’s so EVERYONE can enjoy watching..

  35. Andrea
    17 Jun 13
    10:55 pm

  36. The problem is I found all the full episodes on U Tube and was watching a few episodes every day which was great as I got right up to October 2012, then they were all deleted once Crackle started so I will probaby have to wait at least six months before you catch up to October 2012 so I can start watching again!
    Its frustrating being so far behind the USA episodes.

  37. Val Young
    18 Jun 13
    8:02 am

  38. I agree with Andrea- I have done the same, in fact I have watched YouTube edits all the way up to Feb 2013. Maybe Sony should just start us at the beginning of this year and allow Australia to catch up more quickly- hurry- before the bloody cricket starts again!!

  39. Sam
    18 Jun 13
    1:11 pm

  40. Help! I can’t find any days of our lives episodes on Crackle. Has anyone been able to access them?

  41. Julie
    19 Jun 13
    1:56 am

  42. I’m the same very computer illiterate, can not work out how to watch it on line this sucks, we’re not all computer wizards you know

  43. Sue
    19 Jun 13
    10:47 pm

  44. I tried to download free app for Crackle but it is wanting a credit card number. I don’t have one. How can I download it?

  45. Sam
    20 Jun 13
    4:24 pm

  46. What is going on with Crackle. It is one if the worse sites I have ever used. Days of Ourlives still doesn’t appear on there although it was said that it will be there to access from Monday 17th. What is going on??? Anyone from Crackle or Sony know what’s happening please?

  47. Kylie Tugwell
    21 Jun 13
    4:26 pm

  48. I cant seem to watch some of the episodes can anyone help

  49. Sam
    21 Jun 13
    8:03 pm

  50. Message for Kylie,
    How did you access any at all? I have downloaded the app and searched everywhere and just can’t find it. Any help would be great, my nana misses watching it so much. She asks me every day if I can access it :-(

  51. Pee-Jay
    22 Jun 13
    10:33 am

  52. Oh thank God, your a lifesaver! I’ve been so stressed over not watching Days! How can we watch the episodes please?

  53. Robyn Webstert
    23 Jun 13
    3:12 pm

  54. Great news about DOOL for all its fans. Big thanks to Crackle on behalf of those who can access the stream. Pity my 82 year old mother, who has watched DOOL from day 1, can’t watch any more. She doesn’t have internet. Channel 9 – shame shame shame.

  55. lyn wain
    30 Jun 13
    9:19 pm

  56. i wish i could get past the ads my computor seems to freeeze when the car ads r on so i have not been able to watch any episodes for a week thank you

  57. Vivien Keen
    1 Jul 13
    4:51 pm

  58. Can you please help with how can i watch days online as i miss it so so much. Vivien

  59. Susan leach
    12 Jul 13
    4:19 pm

  60. I downloaded the Crackle app from the Apple App Store to watch Days Of Our Lives.
    It is easy and sometimes no ads at all. This is the way to beat Channel 9, it means where once I watched Ellen and The View prior I do not turn on Channel 9 at all. I can watch it @ my convenience. Thanks Sony and Crackle!