Sydney designer wins global Heineken design competition

A Sydney freelance designer has won a global Facebook competition to redesign a bottle of Heineken.

The ‘Future Bottle’ competition was to mark 140 years of brewing for the company.

Designers were asked to connect with another designer through the beer brand’s Facebook page and collaborate on a design that represents how people will connect in the next 140 years.

Lee Dunford of Sydney teamed up with Rodolfo Kusulas of Monterrey Mexico won the competition which attracted 30,000 entries and six finalists.

Judges for the competition were Mark van Iterson, global head of design at Heineken, co-founder and executive editor of Cool Hunting, and Mark Dytham, co-founder of Global Creative Network.

Van Iterson said: “Social connectivity was the inspiration behind Heineken’s brief to create a design that will mark our 140th year.  Through a pioneering design process using digital space to unite creative talent from all around the world, Lee and Rodolfo have created a premium visual concept that summarises how our world communicates through time.”

A million bottles will be sold in an limited edition pack around the world in December.


  1. Kieran Brazil
    5 Apr 12
    2:48 pm

  2. Fantastic Lee – bloody well done! Do you get a lifetimes free Heiny??

  3. Dante Meneguz
    5 Apr 12
    2:53 pm

  4. Well done Lee. You’re an awesome talent and I’m proud to have worked with you!

  5. Adam Partridge
    5 Apr 12
    3:17 pm

  6. why haven’t you been doing work of that calibre at our place Lee??!

  7. Lee Dunford
    5 Apr 12
    4:06 pm

  8. Thanks guys, the Hein’ies are in the post! ha