Take the Golf. No really, take it, says AMWU

The Australian Manufacturers Workers Union has created a spoof of Volkswagen’s latest Golf ad to capitalise on the damaged brand’s battered reputation following its product recall.

The German car brand – previously built around its reliability – is in the midst of a safety recall over engine problems.

The AMWU is running a Make Australia campaign to promote local manufacturing.

The original “take the Golf” DDB-created ad has been remade by Chaser co-founder Charles Firth through his production house Manic Studios with a new voice over.


  1. Chris
    28 Jun 13
    1:25 pm

  2. Lowbrow and ill-thought out. It made me want to defend VW because the union is calling me an idiot for not buying an over-priced Holden or Ford piece of junk.

  3. Baz
    28 Jun 13
    1:53 pm

  4. So if I follow their advice, that means I have to buy Australia’s only locally made car…a Holden….

    No thanks, I’ve heard they breakdown more than VWs.

  5. WL
    28 Jun 13
    2:11 pm

  6. So lame! Where’s the humour?

  7. OtherAndrew
    28 Jun 13
    2:42 pm

  8. That is ridiculous – VWs are still a great car, and their manufacturing is world-leading. If Aussie manufacturing was at their level, we’d be better off.

  9. SYCF
    30 Jun 13
    1:04 am

  10. I’m in no way a VW Golf fan, but I have to admit they are totally wrong on this… Our locally car is not even close when we look at endurance, fuel consumption and comfort.

  11. Willy Wonker
    1 Jul 13
    7:40 am

  12. There are still three car makers in Australia, namely Toyota, Ford and Holden. A number of the local models are cheaper. They comply with a higher domestic saftey standard than we require of imported cars. None of them stop for no reason :)