Telstra: ‘We believe that Australia is a clever country’

Telstra has launched a press campaign to celebrate the ingenuity of Australians.

The ad references the comments of Professor Donald Horne, who 48 years ago described Australia as ‘the lucky country’. “He didn’t mean it as a compliment,” the ad reads.

The campaign includes a video running on Telstra’s enterprise business website.

Christian Tuerk, marketing director at Telstra, said in a statement: “We believe that Australia is a clever country, and that we have a lot of achievements to be proud of. Almost 50 years ago, Donald Horne provoked us, by claiming that “Australia is a lucky country, run by second-rate people who share its luck”.

“We believe that we’ve come a long way since then, and that – while we’re still maximising our luck in terms of resources and natural beauty – we have cultivated a history of innovation that’s set to continue. We believe that if Donald was around today, he’d be proud of the country of clever Australians we have become.”

The agency behind the campaign was The Monkeys.


  1. Cowardly anonymous
    16 Aug 12
    1:01 pm

  2. Wow… minimal use of the spectrum.
    That’s quite an achievement Monkeys.
    Well done. (Great idea, too.)

  3. NJK
    16 Aug 12
    1:18 pm

  4. Seriously?! If Telstra wants to start promoting how clever we all are, it might want to learn how to use apostrophes first. Exhibit A:

  5. Joey
    16 Aug 12
    2:23 pm

  6. Yes NJK, how clever is Telstra if it can’t spell “Australians”.

    I’m amazed at the number of typos on websites centred around the misuse of the apostrophe. It’s not hard.