Ten breakfast: By the beach and a tale of two cities?

The intrigue levels are beginning to ramp up for Ten’s new morning offering under boss Adam Boland.

A new Twitter account – @TenMornings – has sprung up, although it is yet to tweet.

ten mornings twitter

And the Daily Telegraph had a couple of intriguing snippets about the plans of the creator of Seven’s Sunrise success,reporting:

“Our sources this week whisper that, just as the Sunrise show benefited hugely from being moved out of a windowless studio and into a glass box on Martin Place, Boland hopes to let ‘more light in’ by shooting his new shows in broad daylight. A Sydney beach has been identified as the No.1 location.

“Ten’s scouts have also been inspecting Melbourne locations, which could suggest the program will come out of two production hubs, one in each of the main capital cities.

“Boland yesterday came close to confirming the whispers: ‘’We have said all along that our breakfast show will be different. While it is too early to confirm our intentions, it is true that I don’t intend for this show to be studio based.'”


  1. Richard Moss
    3 Jun 13
    12:36 pm

  2. It’s all well and good claiming that ‘’We have said all along that our breakfast show will be different….” The question is, different to what?

    Breakfast is breakfast, I think Ten went way too far into “different” with the attempt that failed.

    Unique is important, but gentle format with breakfast themes is very important. Beware of different, it can be successful, but it can also take you where you fail to connect, and then it may prove hard to escape or return to grass roots.