Thankyou calls on consumers to push Coles and Woolworths to stock product

Australian social enterprise Thankyou has created a social media campaign designed to put supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths under pressure to stock its new product range.

The organisation previously known as Thankyou Water is using social media to reach out to consumers and sell them the new food and body care products that support the cause to fund water, food and hygiene products in developing nations.

MD and co-founder of Thankyou Dan Flynn launches the range in a six minute video in which he welcomes the viewer into the Thankyou office and explains the story behind the products.

The campaign – created in-house – calls on consumers to show their support for Thankyou before Flynn meets with the supermarkets in two weeks’ time, and the supermarkets have been receiving messages on their Facebook pages asking for them to stock the brand.

Thankyou Woolworths

“We think that if Coles and Woolworths knew Australians were prepared to buy our range, the two biggest retailers would love to stock Thankyou. The key is showing them that the demand is there,” Flynn said.

Using the tagline “Live every day, give every day”, Thankyou aims to inspire Austrlalians to make a simple choice that will have a positive impact on problems like malnutrition, lack of food security and low understanding of health and hygiene.

“It’s been an absolute mission to develop products that have the potential to lead the market,” Flynn said. “We’ve had to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in social investment and have partnered with some of Australia’s leading suppliers and manufacturers to make it all happen. Now, we’re asking Coles, Woolworths, and the people of Australia to help change the world with us.”

Coles Thankyou campaign

Thankyou water launched its first campaign in October last year with a TVC produced in house with donated time and resources valued at $110,000.

In previous campaigns Thankyou called for their brand of water to be stocked in 7Eleven stores they called for people to submit videos of themselves to show their support.

Campaign credits:

Marketing: Campaign developed and implemented by in-house marketing team

PR: In-house communications team and Click PR agency on a pro bono basis

Campaign video credits:
Special thanks to:
Allure Bathrooms

Executive Producer: Justine Flynn, Thankyou Group.
Director: Daniel Weickmann
Camera Operator: Thomas Barnes
Camera Assistant: Austin Haigh
Sound Recordist: Shannon Smith
Best Boy: Nico Lynguris
Prop Master: Doug Wayne

Post-Production: Kintaro Studios
Music Liscensed through The Music Bed


  1. Inspiring
    17 Jul 13
    1:56 pm

  2. I really enjoyed watched this. Makes me feel like I’m not doing enough for the world.
    Loved it.
    Hope it works!

  3. David Campobello
    17 Jul 13
    2:42 pm

  4. Hmmm.. if any of the products are not made/manufactured/or produced in our country called AUSTRALIA and by OUR people…. then we WILL NOT BUY IT folks.

  5. Daniel
    17 Jul 13
    6:24 pm

  6. Hi David,

    Good news :) All products are proudly made in Australia. It’s a double win. You’re helping support the local economy and the world poorest.


  7. Simon Robb
    17 Jul 13
    9:41 pm

  8. Hi David, Simon from Thankyou here.
    Thanks for your comment. All our products are sourced and produced in Australia. You can learn more at Hope this helps!

  9. Trev
    18 Jul 13
    4:28 pm

  10. And all pulled off without a hint of irony! So nice to see someone – or a company – get off their arse with a campaign and actually just do something without any of the self-aware bullsh*t that permeates most “good causes” in business these days. Especially anything preying on the hipster scene.

    Nice work. Given the option, I’d buy it.

  11. Peter
    12 Aug 13
    11:24 am

  12. Pity they didn’t mention the missionaries. I’m sure there’s a lot of disappointed people out there this morning after this great piece of investigative reporting by The Age.

    Malcolm Fraser one of the disappointed….