That’s why he’s the chairman

When Dr Mumbo rang to investigate a story about staff moves at one of Australia’s biggest creative agencies this week, he received an unusual response from Mojo’s jet-setting co-chairman Craig Davis.

“I can’t talk,” he said, “I’m on a chairlift.”

And with that, he was no longer on the line…

(While we’re on the subject, anyone with insights into personnel moves at Mojo should feel free to anonymously email Dr Mumbo’s colleague via this link)


  1. Dave
    12 Jul 12
    1:20 pm

  2. Oh dear, did he fall off? Or, was he pushed? What other things are possible, apart from talking, on a chairlift? The mind boggles.

  3. Eric A Blair
    12 Jul 12
    1:49 pm

  4. Can’t talk, but can answer the phone? Or perhaps it was a stannah and not ski?

    Those wacky agency characters just larking about again.

  5. AdGrunt
    12 Jul 12
    2:07 pm

  6. Ah, the Ad-man’s version of “I’m just going into a tunnel.”

  7. Long memory
    12 Jul 12
    3:38 pm

  8. Can u absorb someone else’s idea while on a chairlift??

  9. Offal Spokesperson
    13 Jul 12
    1:25 pm

  10. You’ll have to speak up, im wearing a towel.