The axe falls on Hot 30… again

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Apparently the Today Network has “quietly axed its Hot 30 program” after the death of the British nurse at the centre of the prank call. Or so says Adelaide Now’s Petra Starke.

Apart from when they announced it in a press release six weeks ago, that is.

Starke goes on:”The network broke its social media silence on Australia Day with a Facebook post, the first since its apology of December 8, announcing the program would be replaced by a new show.”

Which is also somewhat odd, what with the network having posted, by Dr Mumbo’s count, 164 times on its Facebook page since then. But apart from that, the story is bang on.

How News Limited is reporting the launch of The Bump

There is a slightly newer fact buried in the (curiously laid out) third paragraph of the story, with details of new show The Bump. That only comes two days after the announcement.

Update: Stark has since claimed on Twitter: @mumbrella Your article is incorrect. Austereo never said Hot30 was axed, but “cancelled indefinitely” ie: suspended. Jan 25 = 1st announce.”

So here’s the statement from last year:

SCA statement

Update to the update: She now says the PR she spoke to was “confused”.

That’ll be it.



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  2. This is a bit ill named isn’t it?

    The now former staff workers bumped.

    What is it meant to be about? When I first caught wind of it, I thought it would be all baby goo goo ga ga talk which would make me run to the hills, though since you’ve clarified it’s run by a male, I doubt that would be the case…