The best thing about working at ING? It’s orange and you can go to Tuggerah. On a train.

ING awkwardRarely does 87 seconds of video content offer so much to analyse.

But Dr Mumbo can heartily recommend this corporate video from ING Direct which it has just shared on its YouTube page.

We join our unnamed (although Dr Mumbo would love a tip-off who they are) protagonists who just happen to be chatting at the lift.

So naturallistic are they, that Dr Mumbo is certain they don’t even realise the camera is there.


The first chap – rocking an outstanding black and yellow check ensemble – volunteers, for no obvious reason” “When I first started at ING Direct, I came into this great work culture, dynamic, innovative, did things differently…” He doesn’t mention if anything happened later to change his mind.

Because at that point, he’s vigorously out-nodded by his even more ING-loving colleague who interjects even more spontaneously: “ING’s all about a great place to work.” He then poses the question we’ve all been asking:

“Where else can you just jump on a train up to Tuggerah and find out what’s happening on the coal face of customer experience and feed that right back into your role?”

Where else, indeed?

But, wait… 23 seconds in, they notice the camera, and invite us to find out what the rest of their cult members, sorry, colleagues think of life at ING Direct while a stirring, nay, inspiring soundtrack plays.

Dr Mumbo’s most uplifting comment about life at the company: “Orange: orange walls, orange beanbags, orange business cards, orange prizes, orange values, orange bean cafe. It’s very orange.”

Curiously, Dr Mumbo is almost certain that the person uttering the line was also blinking in Morse code the phrase “Help me.”

The whole thing made Dr Mumbo think about another Office altogether.


  1. Charlie
    14 Aug 12
    2:37 pm

  2. Lol. You funny.

  3. Terry's chocolate orange
    14 Aug 12
    2:48 pm

  4. They had me at Tuggerah…

  5. Macsmutterings
    14 Aug 12
    3:02 pm

  6. Man in red jumper was cute though, hope he is the one looking after my money

  7. Dave The Happy Singer
    14 Aug 12
    3:23 pm

  8. It’s gone private!

    Anyone mirrored it?

  9. FT
    14 Aug 12
    4:03 pm

  10. ING Direct has hot employees.

  11. Sarah
    15 Aug 12
    1:57 pm

  12. And it feels like it’s been dubbed / re-recorded too. The ING Direct Canada videos are much more fun (& equally as staged):

  13. jumpshot
    15 Aug 12
    2:00 pm

  14. Now that is BRANDED content. Although it could have been more orange. 😉

  15. Carole Goldsmith
    15 Aug 12
    2:14 pm

  16. ING should bring back Billy Connolly….they were the best ads and that was when I started my accounts with ING

  17. Matt Ramsey
    15 Aug 12
    2:36 pm

  18. Someone award those two dudes a Silver Logie STAT! Wait, make that an Orange Logie.

  19. Abe Udy
    15 Aug 12
    2:42 pm

  20. Mumbo – you make me laugh :)

    Absolutely lip synced….. lip synced testimonials have got to be the hardest to pull off in all in the history of believable testimonials…..

  21. Carole Goldsmith
    15 Aug 12
    4:36 pm

  22. What I like about ING – no fees and as many accounts as you like- you can name the accounts what ever you like and great saving rates….excellent customer service Maybe I could get a job as a voice over for their ads….from a long time happy ING customer.

  23. Adele
    15 Aug 12
    10:06 pm

  24. Ok.. ok.. so it’s pretty cheesy, but i’m not sure about your review…. Not something we’d do, but if they’re happy and they want to show it off to the world then all power to them.

  25. Ralph
    16 Aug 12
    12:14 pm

  26. Thanks you Dr Mumbo. The funniest thing I’ve seen in months. So many highlights but my favourite off-the-cuff comment would be at 1.12 “it’s cool fair and easy as I know they will definitely look after and support my career development”.
    Priceless. Looking forward to episode two!