The Sapphires enters top 15 all-time highest grossing Australian films

Australian film The Sapphires has entered the top 15 highest grossing Australian films of all time at the local box office.

The film, directed by Wayne Blair has reached $13.5m in its eight weeks since release, overtaking director Stuart Beattie’s Tomorrow, When the War Began from 2010 and just behind Bruce Beresford’s Mao’s Last Dancer of 2009.

Troy Lum, MD of distributor Hopscotch Films/Entertainment One, said: “The Sapphires is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s such a pleasure to be involved in this film that keeps breaking records and giving people so much joy. Long may it continue.”

Rosemary Blight one of two producers of the film, with Kylie du Fresne, said: “Our heartfelt thanks to the Australian public who have embraced The Sapphires with such enthusiasm and to cinema operators across Australia who have shown such faith in the film. We are also delighted that the official soundtrack from Sony Music has almost reached platinum”.

The film will have its UK premiere at the London Film Festival on 15 October ahead of a wide release across the UK on 7 November.

No US release date has been announced.


  1. Daniel
    4 Oct 12
    2:56 pm

  2. Within the industry, Hopscotch were expecting $20-$25m. While $13m is good, it is 40-50% below what the distributor and producers were hoping for. Good result, nonetheless.

  3. Bing Bong
    4 Oct 12
    3:23 pm

  4. They may have been expecting that amount (although I doubt it) but certainly couldn’t have expected a deal as big as the Weinstein one, so I’d say they’d be pretty stoked.

  5. Macsmutterings
    4 Oct 12
    3:27 pm

  6. i must admit i liked this film more than I had expected to

  7. Dean
    4 Oct 12
    7:50 pm

  8. Be interesting to see if it actually makes a profit.

    Exhibitors (hoyts etc) take an average of 70% of box office (as high as 90% week 5)…leaving approx $4mil for the distributor. Then deduct the Hopscotch P&A ($2Mil?) and their fees (35% of net) leaving $1.3mil for the investors/Producer.

    Hang on, didn’t the film cost $8mil?

    Better hope the DVD sales are stellar and it collects large upfronts from overseas!

    Actually, I think it will make a profit eventually, but it shows how tough it is to make money from films with high budgets…

  9. vincent
    6 Oct 12
    4:29 pm

  10. The cost of the sapphires was $9 Million. But the total sale gross was $13 Million taking out the 35% fee and then Tax rate of 30% it didn’t make any money on returned. Into the Red. Why because they didn’t market it well and the story was base on what the film maker/and Script writer idea and not the audience.

    Too Many film has failed for the pass 10 years not only in Australia the most but also in USA and the other English countries as well.
    The audience need to see new face and New stories.
    Vincent Amorosi

    Actor/Script writer