The Week closes Australian edition

Current affairs magazine The Week has closed its Australian edition after four years of publishing.

The title, which was launched in Australia by British publisher Dennis Publishing in 2008, has told its subscribers that the 12 October edition would be its last.

The message to subscribers read:

Unfortunately, The Week has ceased publication of its Australian Edition and Administrators have been appointed to its publisher. The final edition was the current issue of the magazine, which went on sale 12 October 2012. Subscribers will receive no further issues of The Week.

The Week’s Australian circulation was 28,004, according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations data.

The magazine was backed by considerable marketing support, with the slogan ‘You’re too busy not to read it’.

The Australian edition of The Week was also distributed in Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

When the title launched, David Salter, executive producer of Media Watch was editor-in-chief. In September last year, Alison Wright took over as editor.

When the title launched in Australia, Dennis Publishing’s Felix Dennis said: “The Week’s unique blend of information, opinion and entertainment has driven its extraordinary growth in the UK and the USA and I have no doubt that our Australian edition will work the same magic.”

Speculation around the future of the title was reported by The Australian earlier this month.


  1. WD
    19 Oct 12
    11:51 am

  2. Sad news. It was a well put together publication. Albeit from bits from other well put together publications. Best to the staff.

  3. nell schofield
    19 Oct 12
    12:19 pm

  4. a terrible shame because it’s such a handy read, informative and entertaining, curating the best of the world’s news and opinion media

  5. defender of troglodytes
    19 Oct 12
    12:20 pm

  6. Pity, they tried so hard! And they had a great product. Pity.

  7. Bruce Daly
    19 Oct 12
    12:37 pm

  8. Nice people too.

  9. Colleen MacSween
    19 Oct 12
    12:57 pm

  10. Bugger! It was handy, easy, broad… and its demise will be very disappointing for a few readers I know who can’t keep up with the news on a daily basis. Good wishes to the team.

  11. Dorothy S
    19 Oct 12
    1:22 pm

  12. Just last week I took advantage of a renewal offer…supposed to get my beloved Week until the end of 2014. Very disappointing.

  13. Tabitha
    19 Oct 12
    2:28 pm

  14. Gah! No one is buying print. You can get this info in your Facebook newsfeed.

  15. WD
    19 Oct 12
    4:00 pm

  16. @ Tabitha…. Actually, lots of people still buy print. Take the women’s weekly market in Australia as an an example – Woman’s Day (360K per week), New Idea (304K), Who (131K), Famous (94K), NW (103K), That’s Life (234K), Take 5 (192K). That’s close to 1,500,000 magazines a week! As one small example of print’s resilience….

  17. Bobby Dazzler
    19 Oct 12
    6:02 pm

  18. Bought the very first issue.

    Never bought another one.

    But it was okay if you liked your news & current affairs in bullet points…

  19. Brett
    22 Oct 12
    10:52 am

  20. I think this is a reflection of the how the consumption of news and current affairs has evolved and not the state of the magazine industry. A HP article regarding Newsweek’s print shut down for those interested:

  21. Ryan
    8 Nov 12
    5:07 pm

  22. I just found out today about this after not receiving my issue last week. I want to cry. It was my favourite publication.