The X Factor returns with 1.6m

The X Factor: back with a bang

The X Factor returned to Australia’s television screens with ratings of 1.598m, winning the night for Seven.

Running for an hour and a half from 7.30pm, the talent show beat Big Brother on Nine, which ran from 7pm to 8.30pm, rating with 1.213m – and 1.18m for the live nominations.

The X Factor also beat  Underbelly: Badness on Nine, which followed Big Brother at 8.30pm, pulling in 1.233m.

Ten programs failed to mount any kind of challenge to Seven and Nine in prime time. Can of Worms, on at 8.30pm, was Ten’s most-watched non-news show with 590,000. Don’t Tell The Bride, which aired before it at 7.30pm, rated with 583,000, according to OzTam preliminary ratings.

The Shire, which has been moved to a later time slot, 9.45pm, pulled in 251,000. Ten’s biggest ratings show was Ten News at Five, with 749,000.

Also new to Seven’s line-up was GCB, formerly known as Good Christian Bitches. The show rated 873,000 at 9pm.

Monday’s Top 15 shows:
1. The X Factor – Seven 1.598m
2. Seven News – Seven 1.327m
3. Nine News – Nine 1.250m
4. Underbelly – Nine 1.233m
5. Today Tonight – Seven 1.222m
6. Big Brother – 7:00pm – Nine 1.213m
7. Big Brother – Live Nominations – Nine 1.180m
8. A Current Affair – Nine 1.178m
9. Home and Away – Seven 1.109m
10. ABC News – ABC 1.055m
11. GCB – Seven 0.873m
12. Australian Story – ABC 0.809m
13. 7:30 – ABC 0.758m
14. Ten News – Ten 0.749m
15. Q&A – ABC 0.665m

Monday’s channel share:
Seven: 26.0%
Nine: 22.4%
ABC1: 14.0%
Ten: 10.8%
7TWO: 5.3%
GO!: 3.9%
SBS1: 3.1%
7mate: 3.0%
ABC2: 2.4%
Eleven: 2.3%
Gem: 2.3%
One: 2.0%
ABC News 24: 0.9%
SBS2: 0.8%
ABC3: 0.7%


  1. TV Advertiser
    21 Aug 12
    9:34 am

  2. Everybody dance should take a leaf out of the X Factor production booklet. What a great show – warm judges, great talent, interesting back stories, superb set and vibe – really this is how it should be done and the audience agrees.
    TEN is in deep trouble. Interesting to see who, if anyone, takes responsibility for its abysmal performance.
    Is Nine coming off the boil as well? Thats a big drop for Underbelly and BB – nerves at Nine I guess as well.

  3. Anonymous
    21 Aug 12
    1:25 pm

  4. TV Advertiser or Channel 7 employee?

  5. roger colman
    21 Aug 12
    2:09 pm

  6. One enjoys these nightly battles, but the ultimate reality in a multichannel universe, is that both Nine and Seven have programmers at their head. One would expect 10, as Australia’s third ranked network will eventually fall to UK or New Zealand third ranked multichannel market equivalent revenue shares of around 4-10%. Having missed NRL, TEN is now even more structurally in a parlous position. It has not brought any guaranteed rating sports shows of import. Cricket, tennis and NRL/AFL are guarantees of ratings. Without cross media support from a magazine division or a portal such as Ninemsn or Yahoo or West Australian newspapers, TEN must ask News Australia to cross support its personalities and shows, as it did with the Sunday Telegraph last weekend. Whether TEN trades at 10 cents or the current price, 10 is staying down at these share prices. It should raise some more equity just in case.

  7. Georgie
    21 Aug 12
    7:29 pm

  8. Anonymous I am not a Seven employee but will echo the comments by TV Advertiser. We call em as we see em. You must agree Channel 7 is on a winner with Xfactor. Great show, great young talent.Did not want it to end last night.

  9. Elbogrease
    22 Aug 12
    8:54 am

  10. How does Ten deserve to be called the third network when ABC seem to regularly get higher viewing figures?

  11. Ellery B
    22 Aug 12
    3:05 pm

  12. The standard formula: a nervous 14 year old girl steps up to sing. She bellows, almost atonally, attempting to groan and moan through the trembling notes like a ‘diva’, distorting the microphone through absolute volume.

    But, with swelling backing music, a frenzied crowd of teenagers and selective editing (for the commercials), the performance is lent the air of a grand, goosebump-inducing crescendo. LOOK AT THIS HIDDEN TALENT WE HAVE DISCOVERED!

    Unfortunately the performance, from the perspective of the classical tradition of ‘singing’, is awful. But the judges heap praise on the unsuspecting child, telling her that she is ‘the next Justin Beiber” etc.

    And what, you might be saying, could be wrong with this? So what? These kids aren’t especially talented, but what could be wrong with saying they are?

    Well, THIS is what happens when you inflate the ego of poor, inexperienced child: