Think TV? Meh

Regular readers of the Australian trade press will be familiar with the long running “Think TV” ads extolling the joys of free television for audience reach.  

Now an alternative version reaches Dr Mumbo:

Think social Think TV spoof Mumbrella

(Hat-tip: Michael Watkins)


  1. nice
    12 May 10
    10:51 am

  2. like it. if only the IAB took over the mantle from Free TV on the marketing spend front, it’d have an impact for sure!

  3. sven
    12 May 10
    3:03 pm

  4. the social media application might reach millions each week but most social media campaigns fall completely flat

  5. Anonymous
    12 May 10
    3:10 pm

  6. give it a rest, mumbo.

    you seem to attack everything to do with traditional media, but guess what, it’s still around and it’s not going anywhere. It’s just starting to come across as petty.

    also, can’t even read the pic aside from the headline. I have to assume it’s clever and witty.

  7. Anonymous
    12 May 10
    3:11 pm

  8. and i agree with Sven.

  9. mumbrella
    12 May 10
    3:22 pm

  10. Hi anonymous,

    The attack’s not ours. It’s a spoof ad that’s been doing the rounds. I’m sure you’ll see it pop up in other publications too soon enough.

    To answer your complaint that you “can’t even read the pic”, assuming you mean ‘copy’, rather than ‘pic’, it repeats:”Mindless copy that noone really reads anymore”.

    And do we have something against traditional media? Nope. I still see the ower of TV – hence we write the ratings report every day. And I’m the product of working for neary 20 years in newsppaers and magazines and I love them both. But please don’t me expect to act as their cheerleader. That’s what the trade industry bodies are for.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  11. DTL
    12 May 10
    3:25 pm

  12. “I’m sure you’ll see it pop up in other publications too soon enough.”

    I doubt that somehow. Free TV seems to be the only advertiser AdNews has left. I don’t think they’ll do anything to jeopardise that.

  13. Benn
    13 May 10
    3:23 am

  14. A lot of socially driven campaigns fall flat. But so do terrible TV campaigns too.

    I’m biased on this particular example, I’ll make that clear. But with over 80k fans and countless Nanas (and their children) getting on board, this one is proving to be a success.

    Check out

    At least we’re not using keyboard cat as part of the activity. *groan*