Thomas Dux launches Twitter recipe campaign

A new social media campaign for grocer Thomas Dux is calling on customers to complete a recipe within Twitter’s 140 character limit.

Using the hashtag #140Cookbook the campaign is designed to show meals and snacks don’t have to be complicated to be enjoyable.

Mark Hewlett, head of the up-market grocery chain said:

“We know that many Thomas Dux customers are always on the go but don’t want to compromise when it comes to creating delicious meals so we want to hear from them how they make dinner time delightful using the medium of the moment – Twitter.”

The campaign is created by The Works.

Paul Swann, creative partner for the agency said: “Our aim is to show that great food doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact by using the best ingredients you can get some very tasty results. Twitter was the obvious choice to bring this idea to life.”

The tweets will also be featured on Thomas Dux’s website, Facebook and Pinterest pages, as well as retweeted at @ThomasDuxGrocer.

The campaign will also see TV chefs Luke Mangan and Peter Kuruvita step up to the challenge of tweeting a recipe.

The grocer got the ball rolling with the tweet: Sprinkle peaches w raw sugar, roast till caramelised. Sweet sesame halawa, Booza ice cream, pashmak, honey. #140Cookbook


  1. Wayne
    27 Feb 13
    12:05 pm

  2. I adore Thomas Dux! Where else can you buy apples at five times the price of your typical fruiterer!

  3. Ben
    27 Feb 13
    12:06 pm

  4. Should actually be called #128cookbook, by the time you add the hashtag…. #details

  5. The Internetz
    27 Feb 13
    1:59 pm

  6. @ThomasDuxGrocer is a really long Twitter alias. They’ll be slicing and dicing the tweet-sized recipes in their retweets!

    Also, I’m not sure this concept is new – Jamie Oliver launched something similar through #1tweetrecipe…

    Hooray for competitor/market analysis and social media planning.

  7. Drew
    27 Feb 13
    2:20 pm

  8. Great idea.

  9. Wolf in sheep's clothing
    27 Feb 13
    9:39 pm

  10. They are owned by Woolies

  11. Bustin Jeibers
    28 Feb 13
    9:58 am

  12. Saw pasta sauce in there for $16 the other day. Just the sauce. $16.