Today beats Sunrise but Seven dominates Tuesday ratings

Nine’s breakfast show Today pulled off a narrow ratings victory over Seven’s Sunrise for the second day in succession, in a Tuesday otherwise dominated by Seven – which won the night by an 8% share margin.

Today, which pulled in a total of 366,000, won in the key advertising markets of Sydney and Melbourne. Sunrise claimed the morning in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, with a total of 360,000.

Nine’s The Celebrity Apprentice, which pulled in 1.080m, was the only non-Seven show in the top five most-watched shows of the night.

Seven’s Packed to the Rafters won the night with 1.508m, according to preliminary five-city metro ratings from OzTam.

Two and a Half Men staged something of a recovery on last Tuesday’s figures for Nine, edging closer to 1m. Two episodes of The Big Bang Theory pulled in north of 900,000 viewers in the 7pm and 7.30pm slots. The Joy of Sets, which was moved to the 10.30pm slot, pulled in 242,000.

NCIS was Ten’s only show to rate over one million viewers.

Tuesday night’s top 15 shows:

1. Packed to the Rafters Seven 1.608
2. The X Factor Seven 1.387
3. Seven News Seven 1.211
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.146
5. The Celebrity Apprentice Nine 1.080
6. The Big Bang Theory – Episode 2 Nine 1.049
7. Home and Away Seven 1.045
8. Nine News Nine 1.045
9. NCIS Ten 1.029
10. A Current Affair Nine 0.999
11. Two and a Half Men Nine 0.964
12. The Big Bang Theory – Episode 1 Nine 0.914
13. ABC News ABC 0.844
14. NCIS: Los Angeles Ten 0.820
15. Modern Family – Episode 2 Ten 0.77

Tuesday’s channel share:

Seven: 27.3%
Nine: 19.4%
Ten: 18.0%
ABC1: 9.1%
SBS1: 4.2%
7TWO 3.8%
Eleven: 3.5%
GO!: 3.1%
Gem: 2.7%
7mate: 2.4%
ABC2: 2.1%
One: 1.8%
SBS2: 1.1%
ABC3: 0.7%
ABC News 24: 0.7%


  1. davo
    26 Oct 11
    3:00 pm

  2. I say this every week-nothing happens on Rafters and yet people seem to be watching it every week. What is it with viewers-watching the very unnatural Today instead of Sunrise. Go Sunrise! do something to claw back the ratings.Sunrise has a better feel to it than Today.Cant believe people are still watching 21/2 men.

  3. Amek
    26 Oct 11
    3:27 pm

  4. King Carl, not natural??! Not only do Carl and Lisa have a terific dynamic but they add an element of class to waking us up in the morning. Good journalism/good times. Dont ever change TODAY.

  5. ronreedie
    26 Oct 11
    4:30 pm

  6. Totally agree with Amek……Go Today!