Two advertising execs enter Big Brother house

Two ad agency executives feature in the new series of Big Brother, which debuted on Nine last night.

Michael Beveridge, a junior copywriter at Brisbane agency The Hoopla Family, joins contestants that include a computer geek, rock singer and check-out guy.

Another agency exec is Stacey Wren, a 24-year old account manager at Frost Design in Sydney.

Frost’s general manager Rion Shelley told Mumbrella that the agency had toyed with the idea of Wren wearing Frost-branding t-shirts while on the show, but the contestant had vetoed the idea.

“We did seriously think about Stacey wearing a different Frost-branded t-shirt every day, but thought better of using the show for shameless self-promotion,” Shelley said. “We also discussed that conversations in the Big Brother house about work are probably best kept to a minimum.”

“Stacey has our full support, and we’re delighted she’s on the show. We will miss her in the studio, but her job is covered for 6-8 weeks, assuming she goes the distance and wins.”

The show is to be hosted by Sonia Kruger on week nights at 7pm, with live nominations on Mondays at 7.30pm, live evictions on Sundays from 26 August and Big Brother Confidential from August 22.

The difference with this season’s reality show is that every housemate has a secret – someone is a multi-millionaire, someone is a juvenile offender and another has a very high IQ. The housemates have been tasked to find out which trait belongs to whom.


  1. Who's talking about Big Brother?
    14 Aug 12
    12:31 am

  2. Nobody.


  3. The 'Real' TAB
    14 Aug 12
    6:02 am

  4. Who is willing to bet on the account manager being the one with the high IQ?

  5. andrew
    14 Aug 12
    8:24 am

  6. Stacey is wearing a wig and has “network plant” written all over her.

  7. Insider
    14 Aug 12
    8:36 am

  8. Who cares? It’s vacuous!

  9. The Maestro
    14 Aug 12
    9:06 am

  10. Hey, it could be worse. At least they aren’t on Everybody Dance Now.

  11. thomas
    14 Aug 12
    9:10 am

  12. Shamma
    14 Aug 12
    1:09 pm

  13. has the word ‘executive’ lost all meaning? these are people with 1-2 years experience. is that what an exec is now?

  14. Dan
    14 Aug 12
    1:31 pm

  15. Stacey is a gem to work with, she’ll make the show.

  16. Rob
    14 Aug 12
    1:37 pm

  17. I was just thinking the same thing Shamma!

  18. Beery
    14 Aug 12
    2:02 pm

  19. Shamma is spot on.Normally I would skim past such a story (as I will do so for the show with my TV remote control) but hey, the oxymoron of “executive” and “junior copy writer” (and account manager for that matter) – I had to comment.

    Or is it a social experiment from Mumbrella to get a reaction in writing that?

  20. cj
    14 Aug 12
    2:09 pm

  21. +1 on “executive”

    That is all.

  22. archie
    14 Aug 12
    2:16 pm

  23. oops i mean I agree with Shamma et al there is nothing at all ‘executive’ about two very junior adlanders

  24. Scoop
    14 Aug 12
    4:01 pm

  25. The marketing industry loves giving people fancy titles, in lieu of pay increases.

  26. Ann
    14 Aug 12
    5:58 pm

  27. No ear ring, pony tail and Porsche

  28. Paul
    14 Aug 12
    7:14 pm

  29. Wow, weird seeing a friend being trashed by faceless netizens.

  30. TG
    15 Aug 12
    3:17 am

  31. Bev has the high iq

  32. well yes
    15 Aug 12
    9:10 am

  33. @shamma I actually agree with your point and have had an issue with this for a while. However the reality in large agencies is (obviously not an exact science)

    For Account Service

    0-12 months experience – Account Co-ordinator
    12-24 months experience – Account Executive (here is the issue)
    24- 48 months experience – Account Manager
    48-60 months experience – Account Director
    and so on

  34. Shamma
    15 Aug 12
    9:43 am

  35. Harold Mitchell is an ad exec as far as I am concerned. Not these two. Nothing against them but you wouldn’t call someone a ‘exec’ in any other industry with that little experience.

    Yes yes, sweating the big things here.

  36. shane
    15 Aug 12
    11:47 am

  37. cant believe she’d put her blog on her linkedin: