VB – finally V for Victory

It took eight years but finally Victoria Bitter, sponsor of the NSW Blues, has been able to use its Victory Bitter pun and publish a tactical ad celebrating the victory of NSW in NRL’s State of Origin.

In a full page ad in today’s Daily Telegraph, the brand celebrates a “job done”, with the brand even changing the colour of its label to blue to honour the NSW VB Blues’ win.

State of Origin Victoria Bitter


  1. Ben
    19 Jun 14
    1:29 pm

  2. This ad is like the file that the press keeps on the Queen, just updated every year, ready to publish when she falls off her perch.

  3. Kirt Daunt
    19 Jun 14
    9:25 pm

  4. I love this. They should totally make these, they’d sell their pants off up in the ‘riff.

  5. some guy
    23 Jun 14
    9:36 am

  6. They will launch this for sure as a limited edition… the fans will lap it up!!