Virgin Mobile calls on Robin Hood

Virgin Mobile is positioning itself as a Robin Hood character who frees people from tyranny of unscrupulous telco providers in a new campaign featuring Virgin boss Richard Branson.

In an online teaser video, created by Publicis Mojo Sydney, a character known as ‘Robin Da Hood’ is called by Branson, who requests his help. “The Australian people need you. People aren’t being treated fairly,” says the Virgin group chairman. “They need a freedom fighter.”

The campaign idea was born out of research that customers believe they are not getting a fair deal from telcos.

The advertising element of the campaign will kick-off on Sunday July 3 with a TVC featuring Robin da Hood who liberates Aussies from unfairness.

Virgin Mobile will be rolling out new products, contract arrangements and upgrading its customer service over the coming weeks.


Creative Agency – Publicis Mojo Sydney
TV Production – Jungle Boys, Revolver
Director – Glue Society
Post Production – The Editors
Sound – Sonar Music



  1. phil
    30 Jun 11
    10:46 am

  2. excruciating

  3. mish
    30 Jun 11
    11:04 am

  4. the lag on lip sync enhances the overall cheesiness. It’ll make my day if that guy from iSelect came in with his electric toothbrush.

  5. AdGrunt
    30 Jun 11
    11:21 am

  6. That was awkward.

  7. Anonymous
    30 Jun 11
    1:22 pm

  8. Great audio work. The whole thing is out of sync. Clap clap.

  9. Alice Terlikowski
    30 Jun 11
    1:47 pm

  10. Hi guys,

    It looks like the audio/video being out of sync is only happening for some readers. I will re-upload the video to YouTube now and see how we go.


    Alice – Mumbrella

  11. Sean
    30 Jun 11
    1:52 pm

  12. HAH! Robin da Hood!
    The arrow firing at the end is the best!
    AND Sherwood!

    I think I know where the problem lies…

  13. No, Clap Clap to Ye
    30 Jun 11
    3:09 pm

  14. Honestly guys, you expect the audio to be in sync in a YouTube video and blame production when it’s not? *shakes head*

  15. Simon
    30 Jun 11
    3:33 pm

  16. Just a bit of fun. Some companies take themselves too seriously.

  17. simon lawson
    30 Jun 11
    3:37 pm

  18. I am at a loss as to how the Virgin brands retain any sort of credibility. That is embarrassing.

  19. Michael Fox
    30 Jun 11
    10:57 pm

  20. Geez, I hope they’re doing a pretty monstrous upgrade to their customer service, plans, and coverage because in my experience Virgin are the worst of a terrible Telco bunch:

  21. Sven
    1 Jul 11
    8:24 am

  22. I am shocked. Am a massive branson fan and thought he could do no wrong but this was terrible. Unfunny, labored, poorly acted. Dear me.

  23. Anonymous
    1 Jul 11
    12:23 pm

  24. Sven, you’re a ‘massive Branson fan’?
    Do you have his poster on your bedroom wall?

  25. Mish
    1 Jul 11
    1:39 pm

  26. @ anon… Who isn’t a Branson fan?

  27. Anonymous
    1 Jul 11
    2:39 pm

  28. @ Mish
    Lord King, former BA chairman

  29. John Grono
    2 Jul 11
    12:22 pm

  30. More wooden than Sherwood forest.

  31. Arel
    4 Jul 11
    9:07 pm

  32. Have been to Sherwood Services Club a few times when my wife and I have visited Brisbane. It is a great club and we have had good times there.

  33. Roger
    7 Jul 11
    12:46 pm

  34. Well, I’m a massive branson fan, and I loved it. Thought it was quite funny. The thing with Virgin is, they like to point out to the world that business doesn’t have to be all stuffy shirt and formal. people need to relax more, and have fun, afterall, that’s what life is about – having fun, so why not do it in business as well? every company could learn a lot from Richard Branson.

  35. Pixi
    8 Jul 11
    10:25 pm

  36. This is the most annoying ad on TV EVER, everytime is comes on I change channels, PLEASE PLEASE if you want people to change to your mobile service CHANGE THIS BLOODY STUPID AD

  37. Brucey
    11 Jul 11
    1:13 pm

  38. Lead the way, Robin da Hood, lead the way….