Virgin Mobile follows ‘Robin da Hood’ teaser ad with national TV push

Virgin Mobile has followed up its teaser video that introduced ‘Robin da Hood’ and the telco’s ‘A Fair Go For All’ positioning with a spot for national TV.

The campaign will span print, online, radio, street and transit media until October.

A national partnership with Nova will see integrated stations promos and an eight-week breakfast platform including live reads and placements.

The campaign centres around the microsite to go live on Monday that will feature all campaign related content including the TVCs, outtakes and interstitials.


Agency / Creative: Publicis Mojo
Media: MPG / Media Contacts
Digital: Publicis Mojo
Promotions: Bamboo
Point of Sale: Dynamix
PR: One Green Bean
Social Media: One Green Bean
Print, TV and Digital ad credits:
ECD: Micah Walker
Creative Directors: Pim Van Nunen, Ian Williamson, Justin Ruben
Art Director: Peter Hibberd
Digital Creatives: Andy Cooke, Adrian Flores
Group Account Director: Tim Binkley
Account Director: Andrew Howie
Producers: Matt Barber, Penny Brown
Production Company: Revolver
Director: Glue Society
Photography: Michael Corridore
Editor: Dan Lee (brand) & Zen Rosenthal (digital) @ The Editors
Post: Joseph Perkins
DOP: Bob Humphreys


  1. leave blank
    1 Jul 11
    3:36 pm

  2. Quirky. For quirky’s sake.

  3. richie
    1 Jul 11
    3:55 pm

  4. i recognise that dude, who is he?

  5. Robin Hicks
    1 Jul 11
    4:59 pm

  6. Hi Richie,

    His name is Paul Foot and he’s a British comedian. He performed in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival earlier this year.

    Thanks for the info Jess at One Green Bean.

    Robin – Mumbrella

  7. Adrian
    1 Jul 11
    5:03 pm

  8. His name is Paul Foote. He did some shows at the Melbourne comedy fest.

  9. John
    3 Jul 11
    8:19 pm

  10. What are they actually doing that’s new / different / fair?

    And why bang on about 97% coverage? No one cares about coverage if it’s shit (which it is) – it needs to be fast & not drop out. Catch up with the conversation Virgin.

  11. 3rddesign
    4 Jul 11
    1:38 am

  12. This guy’s name is Paul Foot. I enjoyed the ad really cool.

  13. halfpreg
    5 Jul 11
    8:13 am

  14. Its a very, very good ad for Robin the Hood.

  15. Jason Sutherland
    19 Jul 11
    5:23 pm

  16. Question in regards to who is sitting on the sign in the start of the advert, playing the lute. Is that Richard Branson???