‘Visit in the next 30 days, I’ll pick you up at the airport’

Here’s the sort of marketing coup that must have Tourism Australia painfully jealous.

New Zealand PM John Key was invited onto the David Letterman show to present the top ten reasons for visiting the country.


Dr Mumbo understands that Hill & Knowlton’s USA office takes the credit.


  1. Duncan Riley
    28 Sep 09
    11:18 am

  2. Can you seriously see KRudd doing this though? :-)

  3. Anon
    28 Sep 09
    12:38 pm

  4. Rudd the media whore of course he would.. but it would be as successful as being on rove.

  5. Doug
    28 Sep 09
    4:27 pm

  6. That’s not the real PM – i saw Flight of the Concords! he looks totally different

  7. Tony Richardson
    29 Sep 09
    1:31 pm

  8. It’s too cheap and effective for Tourism Australia.

  9. Rae
    30 Sep 09
    5:10 pm

  10. And the number one reason you should visit New Engl– New Zealand…


  11. indiancurry
    30 Sep 09
    10:34 pm

  12. Imagine Letterman & Fairy Ruddfather, the two senile men discussing the best reasons to visit Australia.

    Me thinks isnack2.0 sounds more appetising …