Vodafone rolls out vbook ads around cricket sponsorship

Vodafone has launched the next instalment of its vbook campaign.

The vbook helps cricket fans wanting to watch live cricket get away with a book with a special cut-out section inside big enough to fit a smartphone. They can watch the test series – which is sponsored by Vodafone – via the Cricket Live Australia app.

The ads launched during the third test match between Australia and South Africa, and will be supported this summer by experiential activity in Sydney and Melbourne.


ECD: Brett Howlett
CD: Russell Smyth
Writer – Scott Mortimer
Art Director – Wellison D’Assuncao
Head of Strategy – Gerry Cyron
Account Management – Nathan Quailey
TV Producer – Gabe Hammond
Director – David Wood
Production company – Film Construction


  1. B
    3 Dec 12
    3:06 pm

  2. Just got mine in the post – LOVE IT! The copywriter had a field day on the blurb and cover details.

  3. Dave
    3 Dec 12
    4:34 pm

  4. great idea, well executed. maybe even an award or two in this..

  5. Cricket Fan
    3 Dec 12
    5:23 pm

  6. I cant see why I would want to watch cricket on a phone at home?

    Any man or woman in Oz who loves cricket, will make their partner aware that the tv will be on whenever the test is happening.

    If I am out and about, then perhaps I will have a glance on the phone, on the bus or train etc

    Other than that I want a big screen, which is easy to view and everyone these days has a nice large screen at home.

    Would this advert have worked better if the phone viewer had been commuting on a bus, or train, or attending a wedding etc? If I was out on the move, or had down time, somewhere where there was no tv, then I might consider watching on my phone?

  7. Cricket Fan
    3 Dec 12
    5:45 pm

  8. p.s. (Sorry Vodafone) If I could get a reception of course…