West End Draught tries to redraw the Victoria-South Australia border

west end reclaim mapSouth Australian beer West End Draught has launched a campaign to take back land which ended up Victorian after a mapping error 160 years ago.

“The Reclaim” sees the beer call on historian Bob Dunn to tell the story of the 1850 blunder and subsequent legal dispute.

west end voteThe beer – owned by Lion Nathan, which is headquartered in NSW – has launched a website asking consumers to vote on whether the border should be remade. In early voting, SA holds the lead.

The campaign also includes an ad, made by creative agency BMF.


  1. Bucks is back
    11 Feb 13
    2:26 pm

  2. As a proud Victorian, I hadnt seen this campaign before, but got a laugh out of it. Well done!

    I’d hazard to guess though, that the proud ‘Victorians’ living in the disputed territory are happy to stay Victorians. Could this be the next ‘Northern Ireland’? The next ‘Falkland Islands’? Not only would we defend our disputed land, be we’ll claim those shiny ‘Silver balls’ and display our was spoils next to the ‘Yellow Peril’, (wherever that’s currently hidden)

  3. tyler wufka
    9 Mar 13
    11:07 am

  4. i want the land for ……..