Westpac banana smoothie spoof videos come in thick and fast

While Toyota has this week taken the baton from Westpac in the ‘how to get in the headlines for all the wrong reasons’ PR disaster stakes, spoofs of the latter’s banana smoothies video keep rolling in thick and fast.  

Dr Mumbo’s latest favourite is one from marketing communications agency Fnuky, which has themed its Christmas card around the Westpac video, taking off the original voiceover’s lines, with gems like:

“Sometimes we have to make decisions that make us unpopular. But being popular is not our focus. Our focus is getting all the [LOUD BLEEP] bananas.”

“So next time we take more of your bananas, don’t question it, just be thankful we gave you that stupid smoothie.”

There are also take offs from Network Ten’s 7pm Project show, consumer advocacy body, Choice and one from financial comparison site, Mozo.com.au. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition has even got in on the act, using it as a springboard to attack Tony Abbott on his climate change policies.

Dr Mumbo now only wonders just how soon we will see new versions of the Toyota Yaris Clean Getaways video will has managed to cause a bit of a media storm across the globe…


  1. Evan@Mozo
    15 Dec 09
    12:54 pm

  2. Loved all the spoofs! Glad we made it to number 3!! Subscribe to our Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/MozoAU for more upcoming parodies, commentaries, news and opinion pieces to help you navigate the money maze!!

  3. Joe
    15 Dec 09
    9:28 pm

  4. The marketing and production company who conceived the AD, Sydney based Spinifex Group, as also ducking for cover. Not great for them at all!

  5. OtherAndrew
    16 Dec 09
    3:44 pm

  6. @Joe,

    I think you’ll find that they produced it as an in-house video (ie for Westpac staff only), so they have nothing to be concerned about. The person who decided that it was ripe for public consumption (pun intended), is probably running scared though…

  7. Joe
    17 Dec 09
    1:02 am

  8. @otherandrew
    whether it was intended for customers or staff the video treats the audience like they are stupid. Not sure it’s a defence to say it’s aimed at staff, maybe worse. So are westpac staff stupid???

  9. OtherAndrew
    17 Dec 09
    1:12 am

  10. @Joe,

    I’m going to say ‘Yes, they clearly are stupid’ on the basis that they chose to release this to the public. Cyclical logic, perhaps, but irrefutable as you’ll have to admit? 😉

  11. Jack o
    17 Dec 09
    2:39 pm

  12. so…did they release it on YouTube because they thought it would be ‘a cool way to get into this social media gig’. retards.

  13. OtherAndrew
    17 Dec 09
    2:55 pm

  14. To be honest, I think it’s less about the analogy and how they treat the audience and more about the fact that it’s supposed to justify why they’ve increased their rates significantly above the other banks’. You’re never going to win that one, now matter how much ‘respect’ you show your audience as you try and explain it.

    Anyway, probably more amusing to me was that I was sitting at my desk with my ritual post-gym banana smoothie breakfast as I read the story. Much easier to digest than the video really…

  15. Evan @ Mozo
    18 Dec 09
    11:26 am

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  17. mumbrella
    18 Dec 09
    12:40 pm

  18. Evan,

    You’re welcome to join in the conversation. But please make the plug a bit less crude. I’ve also de-listed your link to the Mozo web site. You don’t work for Geoff Emerson do you?



    Tim – Mumbrella

  19. Evan @ Mozo
    18 Dec 09
    12:53 pm

  20. With, not for. The “twotwentynothings” blog is a personal piece but I added “@mozo” as a disclaimer for the first post as that WAS about the company profile. Next time I will link actual relevant videos/articles rather than just our channel. Cheers, E.